Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 14

Making the Difference
in Labels, Flexible Packaging and Trade Shows
With the theme Making the Difference, Taghleef
showcased the many ways the company is making a
positive impact in the Labels and Flexible Packaging
markets at two North American trade shows recently.
is also making a difference in the way customers
connect with the company and receive information at
trade shows and expos. As part of a commitment to
sustainability and the circular economy, the company
launched a new booth design featuring interactive
displays that enhanced connectivity with guests while
reducing the need for printed materials. In addition to
speaking with Taghleef representatives, guests were
able to use the interactive displays to target the precise
information of interest to them.
Labelexpo Americas 2018
Labelexpo Americas 2018 was held fromSeptember 25 to
27 in Chicago.
displayed four new voided white top coated
films for PSL facestock applications. PPFB and PPGB are
revolutionary multi-layer barrier films providing extreme
barrier to staining associated with tire, battery, and candle
labeling. PPFP and PPGP are similar products for applications
not requiring such extreme barrier properties. These films offer
a proprietary skin which allows a wide variety of adhesives to
anchor to it—even microspheres and ultra-removables.
Guests also saw
’s unique metallic IML film,
tanium™ LTZ,
specifically developed to give high visual impact to the molded
product with either a mirrored reflective “brilliance” finish or an
eye-catching “gunmetal” matte finish. Also showcased was
the SHAPE360™ range of low-density films for shrink label
applications, which enhance PET recyclability.
Pack Expo International 2018
Pack Expo International 2018 also took place in Chicago from
October 14 to 17. Sustainability featured prominently as a
theme as
showcased their NATIVIA® PLA line of films and
engaged customers in discussions concerning the circular
economy. Also highlighted was their global portfolio of
EXTENDO® High Barrier films, which protect food and extend
shelf life, thereby reducing waste.
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