Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 13

DERPROSA™ for graphic arts
A journey of two decades:
DERPROSA in Latin America
B.Vega team with Taghleef’s Roberto Gollmann and Roco Correa at Grafinca. Left to right: Jorge Aldave, Eladio Custodio, José Luis Guillen,
Boris Vega, Roberto Gollmann, Roco Correa, and Víctor Ganoza
In 1998, DERPROSA™ began their
commercial voyage in Latin America.
Although they did not have internet
or smartphones at the time, they
were armed with innovative gloss and
matte films that were welcomed in
the region. The company continued
to grow over the years, gaining
recognition throughout much of
Central and South America, including
El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador,
and Brazil.
When specialty films were launched
in 2010, DERPROSA was the first
to introduce these novel films to
the most well-established printing
companies and graphics suppliers
across Latin America. Bolstered by
Taghleef’s acquisition of DERPROSA
in 2014, growth in the region has
more than doubled; in addition, direct
sales representation in the territory
was added in a central location,
Costa Rica, to help respond to
increasing demand.
Recognizing the efforts of the entire
group—the original DERPROSA
team, the expanded global graphic
arts team, and local
there is every reason to believe that
DERPROSA will continue to grow and
prosper through local distributors and
agents throughout Latin America.
In September 2018, DERPROSA
participated at Grafinca Peru with
the help of new local distributor
B. Vega and his team. Thanks
to the dedication of so many in
, the Latin America
sales team looks forward to many
opportunities to continue their
expansion, armed with their high-
quality range of products and their
ongoing relationships with customers
throughout the region.
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