Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 12

Delightful, designable, durabl
SANDY isasensationatLuxePack
– and on this
News cover
Sandy walking the red carpet
at Luxe Pack
Designers try DERPROSA™for free!
A new initiative from Taghleef Industries SLU in Spain offers designers and
brands the opportunity to have their original designs/mock-ups printed and
laminated with any of the DERPROSA™ premium luxury films—for free!
Here’s how it works:
Any designer with a specific packaging or editorial project
can send their final artwork, and DERPROSA will print and laminate it with the
films of choice and send the laminated sheets by return mail. Designers and
brand owners can then die cut and assemble the projects to see their original
creations come to life.
This age-old marketing strategy of “try before you buy” offers the opportunity
to test and verify the actual result of using any DERPROSA overlaminate
film in a specific project with very little effort and absolutely no cost. More
information is available online at
Luxe Pack Monaco 2018 was the perfect occasion to present the latest product
innovations in the DERPROSA™ range of graphic arts films. The star of the show
(and of this magazine issue) is DERPROSA SANDY ORIGINAL.
SANDY is an ultra matte film whose main quality is its granular touch—a bit rough,
yet incredibly pleasant to the touch. As you can see just by looking at the cover of
News, it offers great transparency and can be used like any other BOPP film for
lamination; it’s also available in wet and thermal versions. It wowed the crowd at
Luxe Pack Monaco and will undoubtedly become the differential texture of 2019,
both in premium packaging and in editorial applications.
DERPROSA MATTE PRO-SHIELD also delivers an ultra matte finish along with
exceptional protection against scratching and abrasion. It’s an ideal choice for
protecting packaging during handling and transport, especially when packaging
may be subject to jostling and rubbing against other items.
DERPROSA SOFT TOUCH SMUDGE RESISTANT is the answer to heavy market
demand for a film that wards off fingerprints and smudges. No matter how much
handling a package undergoes, this film can handle it.
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