Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 11

The PSL business is all about superior printability and
high functional performance. While the BOPP substrate
must deliver the desired appearance, die cut efficiently,
and dispense perfectly, the top coat is a product unto
itself. And Taghleef is at the leading edge.
Taghleef has devoted many years both in the United
States and in Spain to the
successful development of top
coated primers that enhance
the performance of their PSL
films. Much of that success is
due to a unique approach and
a focus on a “coating building
block,” which uses a highly
engineered functional top coat in
combination with an underlying
specially developed film to
satisfy the need for the most
universally performing top coated
facestock in the market.
How does this differentiate
from the competition? Other
producers typically have to offer
multiple top coat and primer
combinations for different
customers who
are already confident with any
one of
’s top coated products
can rest assured that the single
top coated primer, which delivers
superior printability across the
widest range of print technologies, is the same top coat
used across the entire
coated PSL film portfolio.
It also allows
to offer a complete range of top coated
PSL products that are free of phthalates—another benefit
that competitors don’t offer.
On the horizon
Rapidly occurring changes in
ink technologies together with
the ubiquitous use of pressure
sensitive labels on almost
any kind of product have only
magnified the need for self-
adhesive labels that offer
superior printability in as many
print applications as possible.
Top coated film development
continues as Taghleef explores
specific, niche areas of the PSL
market such as aqueous inkjet
or direct thermal printable labels
which require highly absorbent
topcoats. Stay tuned for further
developments as top coats
form an important segment in
Taghleef’s global drive towards
“making the difference in labels.”
One top coated primer, no phthalates:
no wonder
tops the competition
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