Ti-News n. 21 // February 2019 - page 10

Terre Haute turns 50!
Taghleef’s Terre Haute employees,
past and present, celebrated the
site’s 50th anniversary by hosting an
Open House and Car Show for more
than 600 guests in late September.
The two-day event featured a
cornhole tournament, bingo, health
fair, pumpkin patch, petting zoo,
face painting, and fun for the whole
family. Employees also provided
guided tours of the manufacturing
areas, something family members
rarely get to see.
“It was a great opportunity to reflect
on the growth and milestones of
the site over the past 50 years
and to celebrate our employees
who made it possible,” said Larry
Mauer, Director of Operations for
the site. “It’s an honor to recognize
50 years of dedicated employees,
loyal customers, and the highest
standards of quality and service to
the market.”
Technologically advanced
Terre Haute
As Taghleef looks back at all the
site’s accomplishments, one thing
remains the same—the employees
are proud to call Vigo County home.
Once known for a traditional
economy built on iron, steel, glass,
and mining, Terre Haute has evolved
into a global economy driven by
advanced manufacturing industries.
Some of the most established
nationally and internationally known
companies within the plastics and
chemical sectors operate in the
region, including Ampacet, Bemis,
Poly One, Tredegar, and Taghleef.
Taghleef’s Terre Haute site employs
400 full-time, highly skilled
employees who handle some of the
region’s most technical processes.
The team produces something that
practically everyone can appreciate
any time they open the doors to
their kitchen pantry or pack their
children’s school lunches. “We are
proud to supply quality films for
packaging for Frito-Lay, Mars, Coke,
Hershey, Nestle,
and many others,” Mauer said.
In 1968, the founders envisioned
a company that would become
the most sophisticated film
manufacturing facility in the
world. As we celebrate the golden
anniversary of the Terre Haute site,
their vision continues to resonate
just as strongly today.
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