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EXTENDO® HBAX is a proven performer in the challenging
market of clear films for food packaging, delivering
uncompromised freshness and barrier protection. Suitable for
use as either an outer or inner sealable layer, its exceptional
versatility is proven in a wide variety of applications. You see
it as an alternative to metallized films in VFFS packaging for
salty snacks and replacing acrylic/PVDC films in nutritional and
confectionery markets.
Q: Why the focus on clear?
A: Today’s consumers would rather see more product
than packaging before they buy. Not only is the look more
appealing, they can also check for breakage, for example. After
all, no one wants to open a package and find their cookies
crumbled or their potato chips crushed.
Q: What were the challenges?
A: Putting a fragile, ceramic
barrier layer on the top of
OPP filmwas an obstacle
that left many competitors
behind. Taghleef invested
more than a decade in research
and development to deliver “the
best AlOx-coated OPP in the
market.” Those are not my words,
but the remarks of a leading North
American converter. The resulting
HBAX offers outstanding barrier
performance together with an
impressive resistance against abuse,
even at a thickness of only 70ga
Q: What are the benefits?
A: HBAX is sustainable and provides
a mono-material, polyolefin-based
solution by eliminating PET, which
is the primary material used as
AlOx-coated barrier today. PackagingmadewithHBAX in an
AlOx OPP/OPP lamination structure is fully recyclable. In
addition, HBAX filmwill not interfere with metal detection
equipment. Its transparency allows the use of metal detection
at the end-of-filling operations, and its ceramic, dielectric
properties mean it’s safe for use in microwaves.
Q: What’s the future for AlOx?
A: Because of its impressive performance,
is currently
supporting the development of new AlOx capabilities across
other regions and is planning to broaden the AlOx coated
range with a two-side treated version, as well as improved seal
performance. These upgrades are coming soon, so stay tuned!
A Proven Performer:
HBAX filmwith
aluminumoxide technology
with Francesco Barbangelo,
Applications Engineer
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