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New Purposes for Pallets
beyond the delivery dock
Minimizing waste and maximizing
functionality is what the circular economy
is all about. Sometimes it’s simply a matter
of looking at possibilities with a new
perspective. For example, one Taghleef
customer, J. de J. Flexsal in El Salvador, is
delivery pallets into everything
from home and office furniture to product
Owner Judith de Cabrera has created a
culture of innovation and creativity that
ignites the kind of growth that necessitates
expansion into a new 6,000-square meter
plant. Designed for sustainability, the
facility features water recycling, solar energy
production, and solvent recovery, as well as
recycling and reuse of resources.
Judith’s vision includes using
repurposed materials to make well-
designed furniture that’s affordable
to low-income households. Taghleef
is proud to have J. de J. Flexsal as a
As part of its commitment to leadership
in sustainable packaging, Taghleef
continues to make major investments
to broaden the range of the NATIVIA®
product line. The newest offering,
NATIVIA NELD, was officially introduced
at the IPACK IMA exhibition in Milan,
Italy this past spring.
Until NATIVIA NELD, there was no bio-
based, PLA film available on the market
that would serve as a viable replacement
for BOPP voided films. Confectionery
and frozen food sectors are the biggest
users of BOPP white voided films 35µm
thick, mainly for chocolate and ice cream
flowpack packaging.
An ideal solution for this segment,
NATIVIA NELD is a white voided, PLA
based film with a low density of 0.96
g/cm3. It’s available in a thickness of
30µm, is heat sealable on both sides and
can be used in combination with cold
seal. In addition to these performance
properties, it satisfies consumers’
increasing demands for sustainability,
as it’s made from annually renewable
raw materials and is biodegradable at
the end of life.
Introducing NATIVIA
bio-based white voided film
Strategies for Sustainability
Judith de Cabrera, J. de J. Flexsal
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