Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 3

Ocean plastic and other waste is finally being accepted by the
world as the global crisis many already know it is. According to
British activist and environmentalist, Dame Ellen McArthur, if
things don’t change, there will be more plastics in the ocean
than fish by 2050.
The outcry is building among those involved in social
and traditional media; however, the messaging is often
oversimplified. The challenge is complex, involving technical,
economic, political and emotional ramifications.
The benefits of plastics are undeniable—helping
to make products, packaging and labels
lighter, more durable and easier to handle
and transport. Consumers and industry
have always appreciated these
benefits, without always being
responsible about disposal. More
people than ever are recycling,
but there are still those who
think nothing of tossing a used
container into a garbage bin
that ultimately leads to a
landfill, or worse, tossing
it onto the street or
sidewalk as litter.
What can be done?
Consumers can
recycle more readily
and more responsibly.
Governments can
support more widespread
and efficient collection
and enact sensible
regulation. Industry can
continue to make products,
packaging and labels more
recyclable. Organizations such as
the Association of Plastic Recyclers
(APR) and the European PET Bottle
Platform (EPBP) are becoming the global voice of the plastics
recycling industry with data and fact-based definitions.
The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) is helping with
programs such as the “How to Recycle” label.
is proud to be in collaboration with these industry-leading
organizations. We continue to explore solutions and develop
new products to answer today’s environmental challenges,
such as our recently launched floatable shrink sleeve films
to improve recycle rates. And we
will stand strong in our
commitment to do
our part to protect
the water, air
and earth we
all need to
Ocean Plastic:
recognizing the problem, working on solutions
Strategies for Sustainability
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