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Booth 920
Taghleef’s global Labels team is excited to welcome
you to our booth this September 25-27 at Labelexpo
Americas 2018. We’ll be proudly showcasing our wide
range of label solutions which “make the difference
in labels” and look forward to discussing your current
labeling needs.
We’ll introduce new and unique integrated barrier
pressure sensitive label solutions and
’s new floatable
and recycle-friendly SHAPE360™ shrink films. Solutions
like these are critical to today’s circular economy and
ocean plastics crisis. Be sure to see our other sustainable
solutions, such as our NATIVIA® brand of films made
from renewable PLA resources.
Booth E-8735
Look for us the following month at McCormick Place
for Pack Expo International from October 14-17.
At this show, we’ll be featuring our wide range of
flexible packaging films with a focus on EXTENDO®
High Barrier films available in white, clear and
metallized. These barrier films protect food and
extend shelf life, thereby reducing waste. No wonder
the tagline for this brand is “Better Taste, Less
You’ll also get to see more of our bio-based
NATIVIA® films which are biodegradable and
can replace oil-based plastics like polypropylene,
polyester or polyethylene. EXTENDO and NATIVIA
films are important developments in
commitment to sustainable packaging.
See you in Chicago
Taghleef holds a unique position in the
industry as a global supplier committed
to serving our customers locally while
coordinating products, technology and
manufacturing globally. The company’s
global sales leaders came together in
Rüdesheim, Germany this past March
to share information, coordinate
efforts, refine sales approaches and
build team spirit.
Leaders from each region discussed
objectives for the year, key customer
sales programs and perspectives
on the competition. While the
accomplishments of the past were
acknowledged, the purpose of the
gathering was to advance continued
growth in both sales and market
Global Leaders Convene
in Rüdesheim, Germany
Taghleef global leaders meet in Germany
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