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At Taghleef Industries, we don’t treat clients as merely
customers. For us, they are our partners—and making
sure that our relationship with them stays strong is our
top priority. With the Diamond Connect program hosted
recently by
under the initiative of Huhtamaki, the goal
was to conduct interactive discussions and gain deeper
understanding of each other’s products and processes.
After our Operations & Technical Team conducted a plant
tour for Huhtamaki employees, we made sure that the
program was also an avenue to share good practices,
methods for improvement, and any technical innovations
that may apply.
Because of the complexities involved in the products and
processes in manufacturing BOPP and CPP films,
Huhtamaki that we will remain their committed partner.
We look forward to continuously working with Huhtamaki
to understand their needs and to have the capabilities and
resources to deliver the highest performing films.
Diamond Connect:
and Huhtamaki’s Partnership
Taghleef Industries welcomes Huhtamaki employees
Taghleef Industries participated once again in the World Tobacco
Middle East Exhibition which was held at the World Trade
Center in Dubai. This time around,
AMEA showcased its locally
produced range of tobacco and overwrap films. The exhibition
was well attended by tobacco and molasses companies,
packaging and machinery companies, and other industry
With their presence at the tradeshow, the team successfully
let visitors know that
is their local tobacco solutions provider.
Thanks to the dedicated Technical Services team and to
Mohammed Hazemwho manages tobacco business, the two-
day event attracted excellent feedback on
’s tobacco films and
many inquiries after the show.
AMEA’s tobacco films, TTL and TTS, are specifically designed
for efficient and complete overwrap solutions for single hard
pack and bundle carton packs respectively. With consistent high
slip resistance, these
films deliver high speed overwrapping
performance for improved productivity in tobacco packaging.
Both TTL and TTS provide balanced shrinkage that adds visual
appeal, and optimum sealing performance that protects
products frommoisture, meeting specific packaging needs of
the tobacco industry.
For more information on
AMEA’s tobacco films, contact:
AMEA’s Tobacco Films:
journey to success
Ti Asia Middle East Africa team: Mohamed Hazem, Arun Kumar Nair, Shovick Mitra,
and Maria Monique Murillo
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