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Taghleef Asia Pacific
participates at Chinaplas
Taghleef Asia Pacific collaborated with
Darong CTE Corporation, to participate
in Chinaplas, held in Shanghai fromApril
24 - 27, 2018. The featured product was
Taghleef’s extensive range of IML films.
Chinaplas is the largest plastic and rubber
trade fair in Asia, featuring more than
3,400 global visitors and attracting over
150,000 visitors. More than 1,000 guests
visited the Taghleef-Darong booth during
the exposition.
Visitors to the Taghleef-Darong booth
were able to see the unique properties and
finishes of Taghleef IML films from a wide
range of finished containers on display.
But the product demonstrations were not
limited to the booth alone. Taghleef films
were also widely showcased throughout
Chinaplas, thanks to the
collaboration with parallel suppliers across
the IML supply chain. In particular, key local
robotics companies and injection machine
makers were able to demonstrate our
films using their technology, giving visitors
to their booths the opportunity to see
Taghleef’s IML films perform in real time.
In total, 16 of 21 IML automation suppliers,
as well as printers and molders, featured
films in their process demonstrations.
As a bonus, visitors were able to take home
IML container samples complete with
and Darong logos.
A large scale and leading flexible
packaging converter in the Philippines,
Utopia has been sourcing all of their
metallized BOPP films from Taghleef
since 2011. To provide customers with the
most advanced, robust and economical
printing solutions, Utopia installed a
revolutionary CI8 press from Comexi.
With its unique combination of offset
stations, central impression (CI) drum,
and electron beam for drying, coating and
varnishing, this is true CI offset printing
for flexible packaging. The new eight-
color, 1200mm-wide press is the first in
Southeast Asia and one of just six units
now in operation globally.
Utopia celebrated the launch of a new
entity, Happy Packaging Incorporated,
on February 7, 2018 in Manila. Attendees
included family members, relatives,
friends, clients, suppliers and industry
partners. Taghleef was proud to be
among the honored guests, along with
representatives fromKodak, Comexi,
Reifenhauser, DIC, Energy Sciences
Incorporation (ESI) and AJ Plast. All in all,
almost 200 people attended the event.
A panel of industry partner
representatives discussed various
aspects of this unique technology and
their specific contributions. Taghleef
representatives spoke to the advantages
of using metallized BOPP films, as well
as other innovations and development
projects they have underway in Southeast
Asia. Because e-beam technology allows
Happy Packaging to print directly onto
metallized films, the company can offer
its customers monoweb solutions,
replacing bi-laminates.
Since not all transparent BOPP films
are currently fit for use on a CI8 press,
Taghleef considers this another
opportunity to continue working with
Happy Packaging to develop new
solutions and strengthen our ongoing
Taghleef: Preferred BOPP Supplier
of Utopia Packaging in the Philippines
Ti-AP and Darong representatives at the Taghleef-Darong booth
Muhammad Ali Mirza, Ti-SEA Business Development Manager,
Jason Ong, Owner of Utopia and Happy Packaging, with Richard
Lee of S.E. Packaging Group Ltd.
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