Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 12

for Easy Application
InMexico, Coke, Nestle,
Danone and Peñafiel
choose Taghleef films
Mexico remains one of the largest soft drink
and bottled water markets in the world,
and Taghleef continues to be the leading
provider of label films for the country’s
most recognizable brands.
Coke and Nestle use
’s monoweb
white cavitated and clear films LGL38,
CTL120 and LTS40 running on labelers
up to 40,000BPH, while Danone chooses
clear LTS35 for top-selling water brand,
Peñafiel specifies CTL48/WTL450
lamination films for its high-yield, high-
performance structure for soft drinks,
while their water brands feature clear
monoweb films. Other applications
lamination films are medium
shrink films for Coke glass bottles and
white metallized label film on Wyeth infant
formula containers.
As producers ramp up supply with
integrated production lines that combine
inline labeling, bottling and filling, Taghleef
meets the increased demands for speed and
performance with clear LTS40 and CTL120,
white LGL38 and LMW38, and even their
thinner films LMH28 and LTS35.
With the widest range of label films, global
production capabilities, and outstanding
service, Taghleef continues to grow in the
region and remains the label films supplier
of choice in Mexico.
For years, SynDECOR® BOPP film has given laminated
panels beauty and durability with exceptional water
resistance, print clarity, adhesion and machinability.
Now, all the benefits of SynDECOR film are available from
in a finished unicolor decorative overlay that is ready to
laminate to all types of boards used in the
furniture market including particle board, medium density
fiberboard (MDF), and high-density fiberboard (HDF).
SynDECOR EA adds an ink coat, electron beam-cured top
coat and pre-applied adhesive to the SynDECOR film,
resulting in a finished decorative overlay—all under one
roof. It’s a supply-chain game changer.
Laminators appreciate SynDECOR EA for easy, low-
cost lamination. With the pre-applied adhesive, there
is no glue cost (or clean up) and no wasted boards at
start up. SynDECOR EA has a wide operating window
in terms of lamination temperature and line speeds.
Since SynDECOR EA requires only a hot nip laminator,
panel and furniture suppliers can produce value added
panels with relatively low investment cost versus other
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