Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 16-17

With agriculture as the backbone
of the Egyptian economy and one
of the world’s fastest growing
populations, the demand for food
and beverages, and their packaging,
continues to escalate. It’s important
to note that more than half of the 90
million citizens are younger than 25
years old. This younger generation
embraces a more modern lifestyle,
increasing the demand for flexible,
functional, on-the-go packaging.
Another consideration is the change
in modern retailing formats—with
a steady shift from small grocery
shops to supermarkets and now,
even hypermarkets.
As the leading BOPP film
manufacturer in the country,
Egypt is fully geared up to serve
this rapidly expanding market.
We are boosting our local market
distribution by adding value-
added programs like rolling stock
arrangements and other premium
models that allow converters to
take advantage of short-notice
availability and other flexible
service arrangements. Through
responsiveness to our clients and
innovative packaging solutions and
service, we will ensure our leadership
position in this growing region.
Technical seminars in Egypt
In addition to pioneering material
and service solutions,
is at
the forefront of developing and
implementing educational seminars
and other opportunities for
packaging professionals to connect,
learn and share ideas.
organized customized technical
seminars at the sites of selected
converter partners in Cairo, Egypt
during October 2017. The purpose
of the seminars was not only to
update customers on
’s new
products and innovative solutions
but also to explore and initiate joint
developmental projects. According
to Ibrahim Hammoda,
Sales Manager, “Innovations are
born as solutions while the solutions
are an output of transparent
discussions between the specialists.”
This is exactly why Taghleef values
technical interactions between
and the converter teams. Team
Egypt extends their thanks to all the
converters who contributed to the
-WAG sunset cruise at Cape Town
To highlight the commitment to
the South Africa market,
’s local
partner, West African Group (WAG),
hosted a sunset dinner cruise in
Cape Town, South Africa on October
25 as part of its participation in the
Propak Cape 2017 show. More than
150 guests from various packaging
converting companies gathered at
the V&A Waterfront for a meet and
greet with Team WAG and Abdul
’s Area Sales Manager,
who welcomed
customers in
attendance. Guests boarded the
Sea Princess for an evening of
casual cruising and conversation.
Kudos to the WAG team for another
successful gathering.
Growing connections
across Africa
Ti Team from left to right: Samah Ibrahim, Ibrahim
Hammoda, Manal Ghoneim, Ahmed Abou Elfadl, and
Abdul Rasheed.
Myles Ryan, Sales Manager of West African Group
and Abdul Rasheed, Area Sales Manager of Ti Dubai.
Africa embraces LGL for
wraparound labeling
The labels and packaging markets
are growing exponentially across
Africa, driven by population growth,
urbanization and increasing GDP
rates. A good example of this
is in the soft drink sector. New
bottling facilities are being installed
throughout the continent, especially
in the eastern, central and western
regions. New lines designed for high-
speed reel fed labelling require a
versatile film that runs on all labelers
with optimum performance.
LGL film is ideal for these
applications, as it delivers
consistent slip and
controlled static properties with
various printing technologies—
including rotogravure, conventional
and UV flexography, and offset. LGL
is a white voided wraparound label
film with pearlescent aesthetics and
high gloss on both sides, as well
as high yield. LGL is available in 38
micron and 47 micron thicknesses.
No wonder sales have grown in Africa
and throughout the world.
Egypt: boosting local
services in a dynamic market
Egypt is the largest consumer
market in the Arab world and the
third largest in the Middle East and
Africa. Due to economic reforms and
the reemergence of economic growth
in recent months, overall consumer
purchasing power and disposable
income are expected to continue to
Egypt is the largest
consumer market
in the Arab world and
the third largest
in the Middle East
and Africa.
Capetown, South Africa.
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