Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 14-15

Representatives from Taghleef
Industries Pty Ltd attended a joint
technical dinner hosted by the
Australian Institute of Packaging
(AIP) and the Australian Packaging
and Processing Machinery Association
(APPMA). The June event was held in
Melbourne and one of the evening’s
highlights was a panel discussion
covering “Packaging and Processing
Innovations at Interpack 2017.”
The event was opened by Pierre
Pienaar, President-elect of of World
Packaging Organisation (WPO),
who remarked on the opportunity
Australia now enjoys connecting and
exchanging information with the
global packaging community.
The evening featured discussions on
a wide range of topics, many focused
on innovations in design, function,
materials, presentation, printing and
more. For example, the WPO Gold Star
Award in the new Save Food category
was presented to Flexomed for their
doypack bag with zip closure, handle
and macroperforation to extend shelf
life of fresh produce items.
TNA Australia won mention for
its innovative approach to product
presentation. The company set up
a satellite display at a warehouse to
showcase their packaging equipment
innovations to a captive audience,
using shuttle buses to transport
delegates back and forth.
Other topics were the increased focus
on bioplastics, virtually unrepresented
nine years ago but now taking up
half an exhibition hall; continued
innovations in vibrant designs from
packaging manufacturers; and
increased use of digital printing
technologies and online services to
boost speed to market packaging.
Jasson Mills of Amcor Flexibles Asia
Pacific discussed the overall optimism
in the market, speed to market, paper
board packaging, and on-the-go
packages. Jasson also talked about
shrink film speeding up dwell time to
market where a canning line of blank
cans are purchased and when filled, a
shrink sleeve bearing all the graphics
and description of the contents is then
applied. Other notable innovations
were “on-the-go” packages with
handles and easy open snap packs
with two distinct trays.
On the road in North America
Australian technical dinner
focus on packaging and processing innovations
The Sustainable
Packaging Coalition
(SPC) jointly held
their SPC Advance
2017 conference
in October with
the Association of
Plastic Recyclers
(APR) Fall Meeting
in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. Over
300 stakeholders
attended the event which included presentations,
workshops, and tours that further advanced the
initiatives for sustainable packaging in the region.
Among the attendees at this year’s event were
representatives from globally recognized brands
including PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Target, Nestle,
Starbucks and P&G.
Duncan Henshall, Jason Morgan, and Francesco
Barbangelo from Taghleef attended the event. It
proved to be a perfect platform for both networking
and offering
solutions for fully sustainable
packaging. End users and brand owners took interest
s bio-based NATIVIA® films, their EXTENDO®
HBAX clear barrier structure with AlOx, as well as
the new generation of EXTENDO® High Barrier Films
for packaging reduction, down-gauging and fully
recyclable packaging options.
About SPC:
The Sustainable Packaging Coalition
believes in the power of industry to make packaging
more sustainable. Its work is based on the principles of
collaboration, education, and action.
Francesco Barbangelo
and Tom Guerin
were invited
to speak at the
Western Plastics
Association (WPA)
annual meeting in Richmond, British Columbia. Their
presentation featured the advantages offered by
improved barrier films, such as down-gauging, reduced
packaging, and more sustainable options. WPA guests
were interested in learning about EXTENDO® High
Barrier Films, specifically the clear barrier AlOx film,
HBAX, and barrier films based on
’s HEP technology.
The presentation was very well-received, with the
Ti team being invited thereafter to hold expanded
discussions with R&D, technical, and management
teams from the various WPA converter companies at
the meeting.
About WPA:
The Western Plastics Association
represents the Plastic Industry in the Western United
States and Canadian Provinces of North America. Its
goal is to educate legislators and the public through
programs and newsletters.
Joint conference of SPC Advance and APR Recycling
Western Plastics Association annual meeting
Panelists: Michael Dossor MAIP, Group General Manager, Result Group of Companies, Jasson Mills, Research
and Development Manager (Australia), Amcor Flexibles Asia Pacific, Jason Goode FAIP, Group Packaging and
Process Improvement Manager, Simplot Australia, Pierre Pienaar (Prof) MSc, FAIP, CPP, President-elect, World
Packaging Organization.
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