Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 12-13

During the event, clients enjoyed a
plant tour as well as presentations
about DERPROSA’s latest films
and applications. Featured products
included DL SoFT TOUcH in finishes
such as Smudge Resistant, Prestige,
and White. The new range of scuff-
resistant films includes PRO-SHIELD
MATTE, and the latest launch for
digital films is POWERSTICK GLOSS
and MATTE.
Guests were also treated to some
delights of the region including a
tour of La Mota Fortress and an extra
virgin olive oil tasting at the renowned
maker, Melgarejo, in Alcalá la Real.
In Malaga, they visited the Picasso
Museum and also saw an exciting
flamenco dance performance. Many
thanks to the event co-sponsors,
Samtack and Ecosystem, for helping
to make this DERPROSA-
House a huge success.
30th anniversary campaign
A year-long campaign
commemorating 30 years of
DERPROSA® will take place at
company locations worldwide (Spain,
USA and China), highlighted by
multiple regional events to celebrate
will flourish,
innovate and grow in the next 30
years. All anniversary activities will
feature the campaign theme, “30
Years of Premium Luxury Films,”
which will be included in all materials
and events for the upcoming year.
In addition to events and conferences,
a significant component of the year-
long celebration will be focused on
´s customers around
the world. The campaign will extend
to social media as well, where
DERPROSA brand fans can share their
favorite things about the company
with hashtag #DERPROSA30. Follow
DERPROSA on social media to get
the latest updates on products and
30 Years of innovation
for the graphic arts industry
has come a long way
since 1988. From humble beginnings,
it has quickly grown into a strong
and stable BOPP specialty films
manufacturer conducting business in
over 80 countries and territories.
“We firmly believe that technology
is only as good as the people behind
it,” says Global Sales & Marketing
Director of DERPROSA-
, Ignacio
López-Baillo. “With almost 200
people working for the graphic arts
brand, we are proud to attract the
most talented, ethical and passionate
people determined to use their full
Innovations and celebrations at
PRINT 17 and Luxe Pack Monaco
Continuing their commitment
to leadership and innovation,
developed a new matte
film that offers a unique combination
of surface adherence and extreme
protection against all forms of
scratching. The new additions to the
line were launched at two of the most
important international events of the
year: PRINT 17 in Chicago and Luxe
Pack in Monaco.
At PRINT 17, held September 10–14,
visitors discovered a new product
called PRO-SHIELD™ MATTE. This film
joins high-added-value products such
as White DL SoFT TOUcH®, a film that
combines a white titanium color with
the soft tactile effect of DERPROSA’s
famous DL SoFT TOUcH, making it
the only product on the market with
these particular specifications.
The European launch took place
October 2–4 at Luxe Pack Monaco,
one of the most important
international trade shows in the
luxury packaging sector. DERPROSA-
together with another new
development, POWERSTICK™.
POWERSTICK offers a range of
gloss and matte films that provide
unparalleled adhesion to digital
format printed surfaces, for a level of
added value that is unequalled in the
digital printing market.
Again this year,
was privileged to be
a Gold Partner sponsor of the Formes
de Luxe Awards. Ignacio López-Baillo
was honored to present some of the
design awards. He also spoke at the
ceremony, noting the DERPROSA
products used in the production of the
souvenir gift which was given to all
November open house for
Baltic customers
hosted 22 customers
from the Baltic region for an open
house from November 2–5 in Alcalá la
Real and Málaga (Spain). “We wanted
to show our appreciation for our
customers’ business as well as show
off our production capabilities and a
few of our exciting new products,”
stated DERPROSA-
Marketing &
Business Development Manager,
Joaquín López.
(first from left) Maika Collado of DERPROSA-Ti Marketing.
(second from left) Baltic customers finish a tour of the
DERPROSA-Ti plant in Alcalá la Real, Spain.
(third from left) Ignacio López-Baillo at the Luxe Pack
Monaco Formes de Luxe Awards.
(fourth from left) DERPROSA-Ti team from left to right :
Joaquín Mª López Batlles, Moira Bentoglio, Amanda Ewa
Chreptowicz, Óscar Hernández, Ignacio López-Baillo, and
Rob Harings.
(fifth from left) DL SoFT TOUcH White promotion at
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