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meet today’s on-the-go lifestyle, as well as changes in eating habits and increasing
demands for suppliers to address the complexities of waste management and
A key mission for Taghleef is to respect the Circular Economy
addressing sustainability and planet protection. By carefully
researching each facet of its product portfolio—aesthetics, food
protection, functionality, and sustainability—the company
has designed products with the highest specifications,
characteristics, and benefits based on best practices in
product innovation and supply chain optimization.
A good example of how all of this comes together
is in our EXTENDO® High Barrier OPP films. With
excellent barriers to mineral oil, gas, moisture,
and external aromas, this range offers unique
packaging solutions to brand owners and retailers
looking for extended shelf life as well as the
highest degrees of food quality, flavor, and
protection which today’s consumers demand. And
because sustainability is an important consumer
and corporate value, these films are easy to
recycle and therefore reduce packaging waste.
Today, Taghleef continuously monitors
upcoming European packaging legislation and
recommendations regarding waste and food
protection requirements. By looking ahead, we are
now perfectly positioned to provide solutions which
enable the use of polypropylene film for all layers
of the package.
Mario Molinaro, Business Unit Director of Flexible
Packaging in Europe, says, “In Europe there are two
major considerations in the market—the first is the Circular
Economy and the second is Food Protection. Our films are
already attracting significant attention as they answer the present
directives of both of these important aspects. We are working with
the full supply chain and many key players, educating stakeholders and
providing solutions that not only satisfy consumer demand but meet the
world’s need to look after our planet.”
Taghleef Industries consistently monitors market trends and researches the needs
and desires of the consumer. To that end, we have put in place a strategic
pan-European model based on the following business units: Graphic Arts,
Flexible Packaging, Label Films, and Country Management.
As a world leader in the development of leading-edge film
technology, spread across five continents, the Taghleef mission
is to deliver innovative and creative products to a diverse and
multicultural society. Our infrastructure for the Flexible
Packaging Business Unit comprises three pillars:
• BOPP Specialty films
• EXTENDO® High Barrier films
• NATIVIA® Bio-based films
Flexible packaging production across different
countries can be a complex operation so
providing a fresh approach and a unique business
model to meet the needs of a variety of cultures
and customers. Supported by an integrated
team of specialists across countries and
cultures, the organization includes a complete
set of services underpinning all business units
and country management.
The many complexities facing
the packaging industry
Taghleef recognizes the many facets and
constraints impacting the packaging industry
today. There are constraints on converters to
achieve faster turnarounds while maintaining
efficient cost controls. The growth in online purchasing
coupled with increased competition among brands
means new product lines must be developed faster and
more proactively. In addition, increasing manufacturing
costs and fluctuating prices, together with consumer and
legislative pressure for reduced packaging, reduced carbon and
water footprints, and more recycled content make sustainability an
ongoing concern. These internal factors are compounded by external
pressures such as changes in consumer spending, population growth,
the rise in single parent families, greater demand for individual packs to
Flexible packaging:
our commitment to food protection
and the Circular Economy
Our films are already attracting significant
attention as they answer the present
directives of both of these important aspects.
Mario Molinaro
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