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and other technical developments
Be open to new barriers
with high-tech EXTENDO
As technology evolves, filmsurfaces play
an ever more important role in product
’s ongoing expansion of
technological capabilities will help boost
innovation in our own products and in
our ability to connect our customers to
meet ever more complex challenges in
themarketplace. For example, our ability
tomeasure nanometer scale features
and assess elemental distribution of
components in a surface is critical for
newproduct development.
A nanometer (nm) is one billionth of
ameter. For reference, the diameter
of a single red blood cell is 8000
is workingwith universities
tomeasure nanometer features to
optimize themanufacturing processes
of our revolutionary oxygen barrier
films. Shown below are three unique
surfacesmeasured using Atomic Force
Microscopy (AFM) where nanometer
scale features are quantified and
analyzed to enable ever-improving barrier
Another addition to our technical
capabilities at Taghleef is amethod
called Energy Dispersive X-ray
Spectroscopy (EDXS). This technology
allows engineers and scientists to
identify the elemental composition of
features seen in a Scanning Electron
Microscopy (SEM) image of surfaces.
Below is a comparison image where
the standard SEM image is shown next
to the enhanced EDXS/SEM, where
elements of titanium (Ti), silicon (Si),
calcium (Ca), carbon (C), and oxygen
(O) are color coded. This enhanced view
allows accurate identification of the type,
location, size, and orientation of particles
like titaniumdioxide, silica, and calcium
carbonate, all of which can influence
printability, appearance, or coefficient
of friction. Combinedwithmethods
sensitive to organicmaterials like
polymers, thismethod allows analysis
of complexmulti-component coatings
or inks, and can be used to identify
contaminates and impurities.
At Taghleef, we are committed to an
ongoing investment in R&D. We will
continue to expand access to advanced
tools that offer greater understanding of
the nature of surfaces that are important
to our customers, and that will allow
engineers and scientists to bring new
and improved products and processes to
The food industry is constantly on the quest for better
packaging options. Innovative solutions such as high
barrier films impress users with various functions: they
protect, preserve, and extend the shelf life of packaged
products; significantly reduce packaging weight; and
make recycling easier. Taghleef’s EXTENDO® brand
is synonymous with advanced biaxially oriented
polypropylene barrier films—innovative high-tech films
that cater to the challenging needs of the food industry
and other markets.
Dr. Ulrich Reiners, Managing Director of EXTENDO GmbH,
was interviewed by European Food Magazine to discuss
the benefits of the EXTENDO High Barrier Films. “Our
basic idea was to develop a thin, high barrier BOPP film,”
explains Dr. Reiners. “We successfully integrated efficient
mineral oil barriers, which was an important
novelty. Our films are extremely thin and
tough with effective gas and water vapor
barriers, which are essential to preserve the
freshness of food.”
The IVV Fraunhofer Institute in Freising,
Germany, tested the different behaviors
of certain films concerning the permeation
of mineral oil components. These tests
definitively showed that EXTENDO’s
mineral oil barriers are far more effective
than competing PVDC or acrylic coated
options. This positive feedback propelled
the dynamic development of EXTENDO
High Barrier films. Manufacturers of food
packaging films especially appreciate the
company’s innovative films solutions that
can be easily printed and laminated.
Three unique surfaces associatedwith barrier films that can be engineered to
maximize performancewhere nanometer scale structure is important.
EXTENDO’s High Barrier range combines the most
diverse advantages. Providing aesthetic and sustainability
benefits, the films are available in highly transparent,
matte, white, or metallized versions. In addition, they
have reduced packaging weight, improved recyclability,
and lower environmental impact. Dr. Reiners underlines
that this range of films not only ensures highly efficient
gas, moisture, and mineral oil barriers, but it also protects
aromas. “Due to the fact that ineffective barrier properties
may render enclosed products vulnerable to surrounding
environmental factors, food companies are extremely
thankful for the excellent barrier that EXTENDO High
Barrier films provide.”
Technical Focus
Dr. Ulrich Reiners,
Managing Director,
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