Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 4-5

Making the difference in labels
— a success story at Labelexpo Europe
There was a big difference in our presence at Labelexpo in Brussels. In 2017,
’s global team welcomed more customers and brands to the booth than ever before
in our ten years of participation. Read on for some of the highlights of this show.
Recycling trends andfloatable films
With European recycling legislation being
re-worked for 2020, the topic of recycle-
friendly packaging and labels featured
prominently in networking, meetings
and even formal presentations—from
the FINAT press conference to the AWA
Sleeving seminar where
presented our
floatable TDS film.
Previous industry efforts to produce films
that float, yet retain PETG filmclarity,
were not as successful as
’s current
innovation. Proprietary low-density
polyolefin polymers keep the film truly
floatable in recycling sorting streams,
even after adding heavy ink coverage. This
effectively eliminates r-PET contamination
by PETG labels. TDS film’s exceptional
shrink curve is flat inmachine direction
(MD), avoiding the undesirable “smiling
labels” effect, yet still shrinks up to 65% in
transverse direction (TD).
These are just a few innovations and
showcasedwhich certainly
made a difference at Labelexpo and can
make a real difference in your business.
Be sure to connect with the global Labels
Teamat Labelexpo Chicago in September
2018 to see and experience what’s next
Sensational specialty labels films
Brand owners are competing like never
before, climbing the quality and value
supports this effort, offering
a range of highly specialized
overlamination films including
those with the famous, luxurious
and tactile DL SoFT TOUcH®
technology. Popular OMST
filmdelivers a clear, matte,
sophisticated finish, while SKST
is a pure black film that can be
foil stamped and printed; creating
the richest, finest look and feel
imaginable. Other standout
products included gold
SGST and pure white SWST,
more options that allowgreat
distinctiveness and design freedom.
Fittingly, these promotional films
are the
Sensations range, a
concept developed in collaboration
with Roll Cover Srl of Italy.
Newpearlized facestockfilm—LSG 60
Pearls have always been prized for their
beauty and so is
’s new LSG film.
Incorporating unique voiding technology,
LSG not only looks fantastic but offers
stiffness, chemical resistance, and printed
graphic appeal—a perfect selection for
PSL facestock. LSG is non top-coated, so
customers can choose their own coating,
but a coated version, PPFP60, is also
available. Another product in the line is a
specialized sister pearlized film, PPFB65,
which delivers exceptional mineral oil
barrier properties.
Innovative lidding films for IML
containers, without distortion
Lids for injectionmold labelledcontainers
films.However, highyieldfilms, like
50, giveanorangepeel effect.Ondisplay
were impressivemargarinetubsprintedby
theglobal leader in IML,Verstraete. Eventhe
distortion; ithastobeacreativefilmsolution.
Theperfect innovationwas launchedby
LID offers printersmore choice than heavy
65-68µ cast PP films, which are hazy with
low yield. LID is also amore sustainable
approach because the use of 55µ films
lowers die cuttingwaste compared to cast
’s Labels team is very proud of this
innovation. Samples of LID on display were
printed andmolded by integrated IML
printer/molder, Piber Group.
LID film prevents distortion in
injection molded lids.
Sensations range of label films using DL SoFT TOUcH
Orange peel texture made possible with LIX.
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