Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 20-21

As a global enterprise, our
connections between employees and
customers span the world. As busy
as we are doing business, we always
take time to focus on the connections
we share with the people and
communities that we are part of.
Charity run in Italy
A team from
participated in the
19th day-long charity run in the
heart of Udine (Italy), sponsored by
Fondazione Telethon on the first
weekend of December 2017. In this
case, day-long literally translates
into a 24-hour-long race, featuring
465 teams with 24 members per
team. Each teammember takes a
turn running for one hour, starting at
3 pm Saturday and ending at 3 pm
Sunday. We’re proud that Team
Italy came in at 188 out of 465. We’re
even more proud, of course, to have
participated in this important event,
which supports the foundation’s
work of raising funds and investing in
research to cure rare genetic diseases.
Kilo of kindness in Dubai
Al Ghurair Group, parent organization
of Taghleef Industries, organized
a charity campaign named “A Kilo
of Kindness” in partnership with
Emirates Red Crescent, U.A.E.
was one of the active participant
companies in the campaign with the
spirit of social responsibility. Each
employee was encouraged to donate
at least one kilo of non-perishable
food and school supplies to aid
underprivileged families. Almost 1200
kilos of food items and six boxes of
stationery supplies were collected
from participating companies under
the group. The proceeds were then
dispatched to beneficiaries in various
countries by Emirates Red Crescent.
Post-hurricane help in the U.S.
One way the U.S. Sales Support team
celebrated Customer Service Week
2017 was by supporting relief efforts
for the family of one of their own.
International Sales Support Specialist
Angie Ortiz has relatives living in
Puerto Rico who lost nearly everything
due to Hurricane Maria which
devastated the island. Her family
members, like millions of others in
Puerto Rico, found themselves in
need of food, water, electricity and
medicine. Angie’s
organized a collection effort to send
desperately needed funds to help
Angie’s family members.
Pack the future:
Millennials and beyond
Making the difference
in our communi
es around the world
Q: Who are Millennials and how do
they impact industry?
A: Millennials comprise the generation born between
the years 1980 and 2000. Collectively, they are expected
to spend more than $200 billion annually and more
than $10 trillion over their lifetimes. No wonder
every industry, from consumer goods and services to
entertainment to tourism to technology is courting
Q: How are Millennials different
from other consumers?
A: These shoppers want a direct connection with the
brand. Goods and packaging must reflect something
personal about them—something that reflects who
they are, their values, their personalities. The key is to
find products that appeal to consumer emotion, with
digital printing serving as an important tool in package
personalization. In addition, Millennials are always
looking for something new, fresh, and unique. Again,
the faster turnaround time of digital printing meets
this market need.
Q: What else do Millennials look
for in packaging, beyond style?
A: For this generation of young, savvy shoppers, an
integral part of the purchasing decision is doing right
by the environment. Requested packaging is recyclable,
re-sealable, and re-usable. Bio-based
materials and those containing recycled content appeal
to Millennials’ desire to be eco-responsible.
In addition, Millennials are not bound by traditional uses
or materials. They prize functionality and flexibility,
especially when it comes to food and beverage
containers. They are more willing to try alcoholic
beverages in pouches and milk products in flexible
packages, for example. Compared with rigid packaging,
these new flexible alternatives have significant
distribution advantages, requiring fewer trucks to
transport and generating fewer greenhouse gases.
Q: In summary?
A: There is boundless opportunity for innovation
in packaging as brand owners are starting to
respond to Millennials’ demands for style and
sustainability. Plastic manufacturers should
team up with converters—together, they can
earn the trust of millennials by providing
packaging designed for low environmental
impact, recyclability and re-use, while
minimizing waste.
Q & A with Francesco Barbangelo,
Applications Engineer
Ti Dubai: Ali Omar Sheikh, Purchase Supervisor and
Melwyn D’souza, Administration Supervisor.
Ti’s Angie Ortiz, International Sale Support Specialist.
Team Ti Italy: Fabiana Zanier, Junior Product Manager
and Giorgio Ravidà, Work Safety, Environment & Hygiene
Family of Angie Ortiz: Johnny Montalvo with
granddaughters, Janielys and Janileyshka.
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