Ti-News n. 19 // March 2018 - page 18-19

in Colombia:
the answer for an intelligent industry
Taghleef presented industry solutions
for packaging and graphic arts at
Andina Pack which was held November
7-10 in Bogotá, Colombia. More than
18,000 visitors from 30 countries
attended this leading trade show for
processing and packaging technology,
and it was the perfect opportunity to
share the advantages of
’s product
’s customers and first-time visitors
gathered at the
booth during
the four-day event. Of
particular interest to
many of themwas
This bio-based filmwas
introduced to customers
in Bogotá as a new
alternative in the
Colombian packaging
market. Cream cookie
producers from Chile
(Carozzi) and from
Bogota (Molitalia), as well as Mexican
packaging engineers (Bimbo), to name
just a few, stopped by with their
packaging questions and needs.
EXTENDO® High Barrier films and
DERPROSA® films for graphic arts also
made a splash at the show. These and
other novel film products produced in
’s worldwide production sites provide
high quality and meet a wide variety of
applications that the Latin American
market requires.
Taghleef’s films are the answer to
the market needs of an intelligent
industry. Metalized films with higher
oxygen barrier, whiter films, cold seal
films for chocolates, injection in-mold
films, coated PSL films, faster running
roll-fed monolayer films—for any
and all of these,
films can provide
the best solutions to an intelligent
packaging industry.
Customer Profile: Everest Plastics
Working together on an IML project, Everest Plastics (Philippines) and
Taghleef’s SEA Business Development team solved important challenges
involving package weight, environmental impact, appearance and yield.
Transforming the incumbent laminated IML label to a monoweb solution
’s 70µ high gloss solid white BOPP filmwas the key to overcoming
heavy curling, reducing packaging weight (thus boosting yield and reducing
environmental impact), and improving aesthetics. Printing
’s LIW 70 on its
eight-color Heidelberg press, Everest Plastics was able to successfully match
the gloss of the overlaminate OPP film.
Taghleef’s R&D team experimented with multiple product iterations to
ensure the film’s chemical properties and thickness worked perfectly with
Everest’s robotic processes. Currently, the project is
in scale-up phase using
’s R&D stage gate process.
Everest Plastics, the powerhouse molder in its region
with operations in Philippines and Indonesia, also
offers in-house printing, varnishing and die cutting.
China is one of the most dynamic and evolving countries in today’s
economy. As the country and culture change, so do tastes and habits.
An example is the rapid growth and increasing demand for yogurt and
take-out drinks.
The result? The in-mold label market is expected to achieve double-
digit growth in the next few years. Thanks to continuous improvements
in label technology, automation and process control, Taghleef is ideally
positioned to be a solution provider for both large and small businesses,
collaborating on aspects as diverse as ink, robotics, mold fabrication,
and injection molding.
Taghleef participated in a packaging innovation seminar in Sanya from
October 17–20 with more than 48 exhibitors and over 1000 industry
visitors in attendance. Pre-showmarketing led more than 100 visitors
to our booth to discuss market trends, innovation, and the benefits of
’s IML films.
Delivering sustainable, cost-effective
and robust packaging solutions
As IML grows in China,
so does
as a solution provider
The in-mold labels market is looking
brighter than ever, thanks to the
growing momentum of
metallic IML films. One of the largest
applications is paint buckets for
high- end products.
ITB-98, S.L. (Albacete, Spain), a
company specializing in the production
of a wide variety of plastic containers
for paint buckets, chose LTZ for
its distinctive look and standout
shelf appeal.
Similarly, PLASTICOS BG S.L.
(Ibi, Spain), a molder of containers for
kitchenware to cleaning
products, organizing
equipment, as well as
garden and beach gear,
also specified
to add a metallic
appearance to many
of its labels.
Labels for these
applications are printed
by Creaprint, S.L., Spain’s largest
converter of IML labels. With more than
20 years of experience and the ability
to design and print by both offset and
screen printing, Creaprint offers a wide
range of labels. By choosing
metallic LTZ film, Creaprint offers the
IML market even more options for new,
easy and attractive labels.
tanium™ LTZ:
the brilliant choice for IML
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