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Growth and Expansion in Canada
Luxury and PR Events
Kim Tin Group is one of Vietnam’s leading enterprises. Their 2000 employees produce and market a wide range of
products that include welding rods and wire, non-ferrous metals, and medium density fiberboard (MDF). Kim Tin
Group, established in January 2000, started up their first MDF plant in early 2009 in order to diversify their business
base and take advantage of the abundant supply of wood fiber in Vietnam. It has proven to be a wise business
decision with success driving them
to start construction on their
second manufacturing site. At
400,000 m³ of MDF capacity, this
plant will be 5 times larger than
the first and will be equipped and
staffed to penetrate the global
furniture component market.
To earn share in the highly
competitive furniture industry it
certainly helps to have sustainable,
cost-effective production combined
with product innovation. Kim Tin
Group and its American partners
at Western Pacific Plastics appear
to be well positioned with an abundant supply of low cost wood fiber, reliable energy supply, new and efficient
processing equipment, and a motivated, low cost labor force. In order to enhance the appearance and performance
of the furniture components you need a high-quality, high-performance, sustainable decorative surface to meet the
ever-increasing demands for superior appearance and durability. With that said, welcome to Vietnam, welcome to
Kim Tin Group, and welcome to Taghleef’s
decorative laminate.
Kim Tin Group is positioned to do
very well in both domestic and global
markets for years to come. Vietnam’s
attractive demographics with a
population of 95million at average age
of 30 years, in and of itself, represent
a dynamic, growing market. Beyond
Vietnam, the large European and
American markets continue to search
for more sustainable, cost-effective,
and innovative furniture components.
This will, in all likelihood, lead them
to Vietnam and to products designed
and constructed with Kim Tin Group’s
MDF and Taghleef’s
decorative laminates.
Derprosa™ USA recently opened its fourth warehouse in Montreal, Canada to service the North American graphic arts
market. This follows the opening of warehouses in other strategic regions in the USA including Elizabeth, NJ, Terre Haute,
IN and Los Angeles, CA. The expansion complements DERPROSA™’s European service infrastructure already present
in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Romania, as well as the rapidly expanding Latin American
network in Brazil and Mexico.
With growing demand for DERPROSA™ premium luxury films in graphic arts sectors such as luxury folding cartons,
book covers, digital printing and labels, the aim is to make product readily accessible to customers, and to avoid the
time and expense of importing material directly from DERPROSA™ headquarters in Spain. The opening of the Montreal
warehouse is part of the international expansion strategy that Derprosa™ –
is currently implementing, and allows us to
now provide superior service to our customers in Canada.
The global success of DERPROSA™ technology and film solutions for graphic arts is the result of our dedication to
quality, R&D and innovation. Now, with the global reach of Taghleef Industries, and the new levels of network service, a
compelling case is made for customers to choose
and DERPROSA™ for all their graphic arts, print or packaging design
Luxepack Monaco:
The luxury packaging exhibition held in Monaco last
October gathered together the world’s leading specialists in packaging
and materials for cosmetics, perfumes, wine & spirits, watches, fashion,
tobacco, etc.
Packaging Innovations London:
One of the leading trade fairs
for packaging technology in
the UK where innovative and
environmentally friendly products
can be seen. It is an excellent opportunity to interact with new partners and suppliers to
increase efficiency and productivity.
Open House:
hosted an open house at our headquarters in Granada,
Spain for customers from the US and Canada. “Our customers are our lifeblood, so in
addition to showing them our production capabilities, we also wanted to express our
thanks to them for their loyalty,” said Joaquín López, Derprosa Marketing & Business
Development Manager.
During these shows and events, attendees and customers explored DERPROSA™
products, including our SoFT TOUcH® films, which are patented in Europe and China.
These films have unique tactile properties that give products a smooth finish with a
peach skin effect. The line includes SoFT TOUcH® Matte (The Original One), Elegance
Black SoFT TOUcH® and Elegance Gold SoFT TOUcH®. Visitors also discovered other
films, such as Elegance Luminescence, which stands out for achieving holographic 3D
effects and providing a metallic look when printing using conventional inks.
These trade shows and customer events are excellent occasions for DERPROSA-
promote DERPROSA™ films by demonstrating the many applications in which their
films are used, including luxury bags, labels, perfume packaging, premium beverage
boxes, books, and other print media used by major international brands.
KimTin Group
Taghleef Industries
target next generation of
furniture components with
Graphic Arts
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