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Innovation in Snack
Food Packaging with
Themove from
Tri-laminations to
Bi-laminations in
Southeast Asia
’s pioneering innovation in
Snack Food
Packaging in
Journey fromTRI-LAM=> BI-LAM
Dynamic Packaging Bags
“Support to Innovation’’ Award
Product modifications based on user feedback is a clear
pathway to product excellence.
diligently listens to their
users and modifies its products, if needed, to suit the
sophistication of the application and expected performance.
In line with this philosophy,
recently launched its modified
version of CZVB - a metalized barrier CPP film. The new film
offers consistent MVTR less than 0.30g/sqm/day while
maintaining high barrier levels against oxygen and light. The
new version also offers very low seal initiation temperature as low as 95°C while keeping the
high seal strength and hot tack. The improved features make this film an excellent choice for
common nitrogen flushed pouching of pack snacks, powdered milk, and bakery products.
To provide outstanding customer service is the first of five core
values that the
organization cherishes. The goal of
Service is to provide advanced solutions by learning the unique
needs of our patrons from day to day interactions with them.
It also includes developing better systems in order to facilitate
their buying experience and create bonds of partnership at each
interaction. CS activities in
ME are extensive not only because
it is
HQ where a lot of intercompany transactions take place,
but also because it is the hub of the Asia, Middle East and Africa
(AMEA) region, and a large diverse territory within the
map. Underlining the critical importance and complexity of this
Dubai expanded the CS department by adding three more qualified team members. As Dubai is, the department is
truly multinational and the new members are armed with a variety of skills acquired from diverse industry experiences. Together
with one voice, we say to our customers, “We are at your service!”
Taghleef Industries’ partner converter Dynamic Packaging Pvt. Ltd in Lahore, Pakistan, received a PepsiCo certificate of
recognition for ”Support to Innovation” for consistently delivering high barrier laminate solutions for their packaging needs. The
certificate is a remarkable recognition of their dedication to developing
such solutions and maintaining consistent quality.
congratulates the
Dynamic Packaging team for this achievement and we look forward
to more opportunities to partner and drive such joint initiatives. Mr.
Muhammad Ashraf Choudhry, CEO of Dynamic Packaging said, “Our
relationship with
is not just a customer-supplier relation but it is a
commitment together to solve packaging needs and to offer high value
solutions to our valuable local and multinational customers.” Dynamic
Packaging is notably a pioneer converter in Pakistan in developing barrier
packaging laminates for snacks and such solutions are based on
range of barrier metalized films like ZVB and EXTENDO® ZUA. Dynamic
Packaging is proud of their infrastructure that enables them to measure
the consistent performance of their laminates along with the ability
to produce ancillary substrates like ink for diligent quality control and
precise execution.
Middle East
launches new
version of CZVB
Middle East
Customer Service
Team Expanded
From Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Carolina Amoranto, Mohamed Shafraz Zahir, Amoolya
Stanly, Uduakabasi Samuel Udo, Kesiena Theresa Odukuye, Muhammad Amin Ahmed
Othman and Raul Varea Pedroviejo.
One of the world’s leading snack food companies is using
metalized films and
’s transparent print webs to reposition its brand in
Southeast Asia. This move has allowed the brand to gain in measures of
sustainability and in significant cost savings.
The Taghleef films used by this major snack food company were carefully
designed and engineered for specific extrusion lamination technology. These
films not only extend and enhance shelf life, but they also protect against the
often harsh Southeast Asia supply chain conditions. Important advantages
’s films allowed the replacement of a tri-lamination package design to
a bi-lamination design. In this case, the films chosen resulted in two-side
sealability of the final package, enabling the center seam to be changed from
a fin seal to a lap seal. This new structure simplifies the converting process,
reduces the package weight, and achieves higher productivity.
The Brand Owner has committed to shifting 90% of its product portfolio to
the bi-lamination structure during Q1 2017. This successful new structure was
the result of almost two years of concentrated efforts from the management,
R&D, process, and commercial teams of both the Brand Owner and Taghleef.
Asia Pacific
Muhammad Ashraf Choudhry, CEO of Dynamic Packaging.
Middle East
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