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Taghleef Industries attended PACE, Packaging and Converting Executive Forum, held in Singapore November 9-10.
The two-day event focused on innovation and partnerships to identify 21
century solutions. The forum is a key
event for the packaging industry and covers a wide range of topics such as next generation packaging materials,
sustainability and food safety, regulatory updates, the impact of consumer trends, and effects of 3D printing.
The conference included guest speaker presentations, one-on-one interactive
business meetings, as well as roundtable discussions on the future of packaging,
and modern strategies for consistent growth and increased revenues.
Taghleef’s Muhammad Ali Mirza (Business Development Manager - South
East Asia) delivered an Innovation Spotlight presentation titled, “Innovation
and Sustainability – Key Future Growth Drivers in Flexible Packaging.” The
presentation was well received by attendees and highlighted
’s success story
in replacing a Tri-lam with Bi-lam structure.
also reported on our high seal
strength, high barrier metalized film solutions as well as our exploration of new
concepts in graphic arts for the Food & Beverage industry. Overall, the event was
decidedly worthwhile and we look forward to attending again in 2017.
With over 200 attendees from all sectors of the IML supply chain,
’s 5
China IML Seminar
concluded another successful session in Ningbo, China on November 1-2, 2016. Supported by
brand owners, covering food, cosmetics as well as industrial applications, and by supply chain
experts of converters, molders, machine, resin and film suppliers, it was truly a wonderful
opportunity for partners in the whole supply chain to come together and have open discussions
over future trends and innovations under the same roof.
The wide range of film finishes such as orange peel, satin, smooth, gloss, high gloss and
transparent in various thin gauges which were on display attracted a great deal of attention.
In particular, there was a high level of interest surrounding Taghleef’s latest IML innovation:
TitaniumTM LTZ, a metallic IML solution offering the ultimate premium
look for high value-add products.
Due to strong market demand for IML solutions from brand owners
for “premium look” labels, rigid packaging suppliers are enjoying high
demand, which in turn has motivated leading molders to invest in new
IML projects for high production efficiency machines. In fact, some of
the latest brand owner market initiatives including “built-in barcode”
for milk powder containers, as well as premium graphics demand for
beverage cups became popular discussion points post seminar.
Taghleef also featured solutions to meet the demand for “Green
Packaging.” With the support of valuable global partners, Taghleef
introduced biodegradable IML solutions to China under the established
brand NATIVIA®. Another highlight was the live production show which
kicked off immediately after the seminar in the Demag workshop.
Featuring dual lid and container mold technology, it was successfully
demonstrated that fully biodegradable rigid packaging is achievable
through existing IML technology.
PACE Asia 2016
Taghleef Industries presents
its Innovative and Sustainable Packaging Solutions
Following our strategy of developing an International distribution hub network,
as announced in the July 2015 edition of our
News, Taghleef Industries opened a new
Express hub in France last September.
This newest
Express hub is located in Marseille in the South of France, and is only few sailing days away from our Egyptian
plant in Cairo.
has partnered with GONDRAND Logistics, a French logistics company with 150 years of experience and an
international presence with 270 branches worldwide.
The advantages are evident to our French customers. They can now benefit from access to safety stock and just in time
delivery options as quick as 24 to 72 hours. In addition, they now have a more efficient import process, streamlined customs
clearance, and the ability to avoid advance VAT (Value Added Tax) payments. All of these new services are provided to our
customers by their existing single point of contact, which results in consistent, reliable handling of day-to-day business.
With this easy access to products from our Egyptian
provides imported quality films with the
service quality of a local supplier.
Every year, Taghleef Industries Kft. invites our business partners, customers and suppliers to one of the historical cities
of Hungary. The meeting allows for work discussions in a pleasant environment, and is an opportunity for
to show
appreciation to our customers for their trust, and to our suppliers and partners for their cooperation. In keeping with this
tradition, the annual meeting was held in September in the picturesque Visegrád, a small castle town on the Danube north
of Budapest. The event was held at The Thermal Hotel Visegrád where the guests could also enjoy the wellness resort
provided by the hotel.
After a presentation byMr. Valerio Garzitto, Chief Executive Officer of
Europe, everyone headed to Hungary's first capital,
Esztergom. Expert guides took guests on a tour of the country's largest church, EsztergomBasilica, which also contains the
Cathedral Treasury, a vast collection of priceless and unique works of art. Following a pleasant sightseeing train tour, taking
in the amazing panorama, everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Primas Pince. The next stop was another important
historical landmark, the Royal Palace of Visegrád, where guides wearing period costumes transported us back in time to
the 14
century. Finally, a Pálinka tasting of Hungary’s strong fruit brandy set the mood for the rest of the evening.
This year, performers included Bánhegyi Adrienn, a World Champion Rope Skipping performance artist, Peter Sore, the
BMX Flatland World Champion, and 4 for Dance, the world renowned dance troupe which combines traditional Hungarian
dance with plenty of rhythm and humor.
We trust that the nearly 100 guests from 12 different countries had a wonderful time this year. Furthermore, we are
confident that the informal conversations held during the day contributed to strengthening existing relationships and that
they will result in further successful collaboration
Hungary Values
its Customers
Taghleef delivers IML FilmSolutions & Innovations
at the 5
China IML Seminar
Biodegradable container made of NATIVIA
Asia Pacific
Express Opens
New Facilities in France
Biodegradable Container Partners (left to right):
Demag China, CEO – Stephan Greif
Demag, Application Manager – Jack Liu
Ti Pty, Sales Executive – Hongguang Zhong
NatureWorks, Global Segment Lead Films & Cards – Stefano Cavallo
NatureWorks, Technical Service and Business Development – Chi AuYeung
Ti Pty, Business Development – Susanne Yeung
From left to right: Paolo Serafin (Ti SpA), Muhammad
Ali Mirza (Ti Pty), Sundeep Mudgal (Ti LLC).
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