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Mars, Rodenburg, and
Taghleef win
Global Bioplastics
Award 2016
At the 11
European Bioplastics Conference held on November 29, 2016 in Berlin,
Mars, Rodenburg, and Taghleef were announced winner of the 2016 ‘Oskar’ for
their bio-based solution for chocolate bar packaging.
The Global Bioplastics Awards recognize innovation, success and achievement
by manufacturers, processors and users of bioplastic materials through a
panel of independent judges representing the press, academic world and trade
associations in Europe, Asia and America.
The project started when Mars met with Rodenburg Biopolymers, a Dutch
company specializing inhighly innovative extrusionprocesses for the production
of starch products from waste streams. Mars was exploring bio-based resin
made from second generation raw materials to be extruded into a film that
could replace the current BOPP film used for its chocolate bar wrappers.
Thanks to our expertise in the production of biaxially oriented PLA films and
a long lasting relationship with Mars, Taghleef was selected as converter of
Rodenburg’s compound. The project was officially launched in June 2012 under the name “2GFlexwrap” and
within the framework of EU funded Eco-innovation program.
The bio-based resin developed by Rodenburg is a second generation starch-based compound, where starch
comes from the waste stream of French fries production. The compound is extruded on the BoPLA line at
Taghleef’s Italian plant in San Giorgio di Nogaro
into a biaxially oriented white voided film:
NATIVIA® NESS. Film reels are converted by
Mondi using conventional rotogravure printing
technology and then sent to Mars’ production
plant for packing.
NATIVIA®NESS has been produced and converted
successfully in thicknesses of 40 and 50 µm. NESS has a white pearlescent appearance, density of 0.95 g/
, good opacity, is heat sealable (MST= 85°C) and cold seal receptive. The film fulfills all product protection
requirements for chocolate packaging, is food approved and is able to achieve the same speed of BOPP films
on packaging lines.
Mars and Snickers bars packed in NATIVIA® NESS have
been pilot tested in Europe: Netherlands, France and
Germany. Not only does this innovative packagingmeet
the ever-increasing trend for sustainable packaging
solutions, it also demonstrates that partnership,
cooperation and the expertise of companies along the
entire value chain are key to success.
Corinne Rougeau
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Aipem (Udine) - Italy
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di Alessio Buldrin
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Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues,
Predictability: today’s world of ups and downs, of back and forth, confirms that projecting
outcomes is an art, not a science. With unstable market conditions and startling political
situations on all continents, foresight and planning are met with increased skepticism. Given
this context, we in industry can either retrench, carefully reducing our ambitions; or we can trust
our vision, boldly and confidently executing our programs.
At Taghleef, we do the latter. As Winston Churchill said, we have chosen to “never let a good crisis go to waste”.
We aim to serve the Flexible Packaging, Labels, and Technical Films markets globally, and we are organizing our
resources accordingly to support unimpeded research and investment in the newest, most advanced technologies.
While we watch the BOPP industry engaging in an all-out race for bigger and faster extrusion machines to produce
generic products, we have been busy at developing proprietary products and customizing our processes to better
meet the needs of our customers and their cost base expectations.
Our teams are constantly seeking out, analyzing and reviewing opportunities to better serve our customers. From these
everyday efforts, you can count on newsworthy additions to our portfolios of products, services, and regional asset
locations. We believe that by relentless innovation we help our customers bring value to the packages they design,
enabling them to meet their own distinct challenges: reducing costs, improving customer experience, enhancing
safety, and increasing profitability.
Recently, Taghleef innovation in bioplastics was honored with the 11
Global Bioplastics Award for creating a new
wrapper made of second generation starch-based compound. This exciting project, which began in 2012 with four
industry partners, is evidence of our commitment to collaboration as well as our long-term engagement in the field of
sustainability. This is who we are: we engage, we partner, we stay the course, and together we achieve success.
As we set new goals for the coming year, we look forward to new partnerships and reaching mutual objectives. I
invite all of you – customers, industry partners, and colleagues - to join us as we explore and create the next wave of
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group
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From left to right: Thijs Rodenburg (Rodenburg Biopolymers),
Emanuela Bardi (Ti SpA) and Micheal Thielen (Bioplastic Magazine).
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