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Packaging MEA Forum
A Convergence of Packaging Industries
inMiddle East and Africa
The second edition of Packaging MEA Forum witnessed the
convergence of all stakeholders within the packaging industry
in the Middle East at the St. Regis Hotel in Dubai on March
7-8, 2016. Keeping with the theme “Excellence in Packaging,”
the forum discussed the latest developments in packaging for
the industry in the region. Flexible packaging grabbed most of
the attention in terms of content and participation, due to its
prominence and high growth within the packaging segment.
Apart from key solution providers in terms of machinery
and substrates, the participation of regulators like Dubai
Municipality and Food & Beverage Manufacturing Business
Group (FBMG) Dubai turned the forum into a 360 degree
podium for the industry. Taghleef Industries was lanyard
sponsor of the event and one of the most prominent local
global faces at the gathering.
One of the striking features of the forum was overwhelming
interest of the brand owners in listening to packaging solutions
providers regarding the latest branding and operational
innovations. Presenting the topic, “High-performance and high
quality BOPP Labels and Flexibles,’’ Abdul Rasheed, Area Sales
Manager of Taghleef Industries LLC, called for a “packaging
audit” within the foodmanufacturing companies in the region.
As sales grow, machinery and equipment are being upgraded,
so then why not upgrade packaging structures as well?
Such an audit will enable food manufacturing companies to
reevaluate the flexible structures like laminates and upgrade
them in line with any new infrastructure. The outcomes of
such audits will be based on overarching principles of saving
time, money and the environment, thus fulfilling the Capex
goals holistically. The concept was demonstrated through the
progression that brand owners can embrace by choosing faster
sealing metalized films for a common application like HFFS
biscuit packaging. With fabulous choices even within a product
leads the effort in offering sustainable solutions
based on BOPP, customized to the fullest potential for the
available infrastructure in converting and packaging. The forum
also showcased the budding compostable plastics market in
UAE where the receptivity for disposables is growing. This is an
excellent opportunity for alternative packaging like NATIVIA®
grade of BoPLA films offered by
for bakery products.
/ Middle East
Abdul Rasheed, Area Sales Manager, Ti LLC
Ibrahim Hammoda,
Deputy Sales Manager, Ti LLC
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