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Brand owners today strive to make labels that are more appealing
and that protect the integrity of their artwork from scratches,
constant handling, humidity, etc. Thanks to developed and
patented technologies, Taghleef is proud to announce the
launch of highly specialized and unique labels films in a range of
finishes that will preserve labels and make them stand out on
the shelf. Combined with its powerful global reach,
offers an
unparalleled selection in the BOPP film supply world.
Designed to be printed on several printing technologies,
specialty label films are available for wrap around roll-fed,
self-adhesive facestock products as well as over-laminations and even in-mold labels. A variety of films, thicknesses and
finishes can be produced with:
◊ Gloss andmatte finishes
◊ SoFT TOUcH™ for extra matte finish
with tactile properties
◊ Gloss NATIVIA® made of PLA
◊ Anti-Bacterial properties that kill 99.9%of bacteria
that comes into contact with the surface
◊ Anti-Scratch properties for scuff resistance
Growing competition and the evolution of packaging design push brand owners to use labels
as a powerful marketing tool to capture consumer interest, and to create brand recognition and
brand loyalty. This push has been especially noticeable in wine and spirits where artwork and
materials have seen the greatest developments in recent years. The attached pressure sensitive
wine label made in collaboration with Roll Cover Italiana s.r.l., is a traditional transparent BOPP
label enrichedwith
’s new specialty label filmfor facestock SKST - SoFT TOUcH™ Black film. The
printedcolorsareenhanced thanks to thespecial effectsof thedeepblackof theextramatteSoFT
TOUcH™ film. Roll Cover, labelstock manufacturer since 1970, is specialized in pressure-sensitive
label materials for food, beverage, cosmetics, wine and pharmaceuticals. The collaboration with
Taghleef has already allowed customers to appreciate the lamination of high quality metalized
films for making pressure sensitive labels such as the “Tip On” presented on the cover of Labels
and Labeling issue for DRUPA 2016.
Another good example is Etiflex SA, Guatemala, who also used
’s luxurious looking blackmatte
SoFT TOUcH™ film very creatively in combination with their metallic foil stamping to generate
a world class label for a premium product. It is eye-catching, with an elegant look; and with the
SoFT TOUcH™ finish it connects perfectly with the consumer.
New Specialty Labels Films:
“Touch the Difference”
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