Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 6

The Label Institute
Miami 2016
The Label Institute 2016, sponsored by
Taghleef Industries, took place April 11th-
13th in the beautiful and international city of
Exclusive presentations combined with warm Miami weather and the influence
of a Latino vibe, all set the stage for more than 150 attendees to experience this
premier industry event for labeling professionals. Attendees also took part in
unique networking opportunities such as a spectacular evening dinner cruise on
the Biscayne Lady Yacht, taking in the Miami skyline and meeting new contacts.
Featured speakers represented the entire label film industry supply chain,
from polymer suppliers like Braskem, to mergers and acquisition specialists,
universities, consultants, converters, coaters, industry trade associations and
co-suppliers like Krones. Many big brand owners, too, not only shared the latest
innovations, but enabled attendees to discuss hot trends in the labels market.
Presentation topics covered labels segments across the globe, delivered by
speakers such as Roger Pellow, CEOof Tarsus, the organizer of Labelexpo on three
continents andpublisher Labels&Labelingmagazine. Global trends, opportunities
and challenges at the highest level were cross referenced by presentations by key
industry figures such as Dan Muenzer, Chairman of TLMI and VP of Marketing for
the global Constantia Group..
Speakers also included
’s, Patrick Desies, CSMO who shared Taghleef’s history
and vision for the future, Ignacio Lopez-Baillo, Global Sales and Marketing
Director of Taghleef SLU who presented on the science of neuromarketing, and
Duncan Henshall, Labels Market Director, USA, who discussed the challenges and
opportunities of global labels leadership.
’s portfolio of label films was prominently shown in a series of eye-catching
display tables. As visitors discovered the latest innovations and solutions,
labels experts were available to answer questions and discuss the benefits of Ti’s
range of label films products.
The response to Label Institute 2016 was overwhelmingly positive. Gaining new
perspective of market trends and important new connections in the industry,
attendees departed Miami with anticipation of the next Label Institute.
Dan Muenzer, Chairman of TLMI and VP
of Marketing of Constantia Group
Roger Pellow, CEO of Tarsus
Duncan Henshall, Labels Market Director USA
Left to right: Armando Garcia (Constantia Grafo Regia
México), Karla Olivo (Ti), Alejandro Carrasco (Etiflex
S.A. Guatemala), Roberto Gollmann (Ti), Juan Espinosa
(SAGMA México) & Ignacio Lopez Baillo (Ti)
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