Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 5

Let’s Twist Again:
A New Twist in Labels
and a
New Label Strategy
with Taghleef
Enhanced Waters are hitting their stride
in the North American market and the
associated new label designs are valuing
Taghleef Industries films to apply more
artwork to the bottle.
While most carbonated soda producers
are minimizing the label size, Talking
Rain, the newest player in the Enhanced
Waters market is changing the bottle and the game. Talking Rain Beverage Company is a market leader in
creating products with unique ingredient combinations and in brilliant brand promotion. The success and growth
of their Sparkling Ice beverage line is attributed to category innovation and a U.S. Direct Store Delivery (DSD)
distribution network which includes more than 275 distributors, making Sparkling Ice flavored water one of the
fastest growing non-alcoholic beverages in North America. In fact, retail sales of $10 million in 2010 jumped to
more than $500 million in 2014.
With this growth in the market Sparkling Ice introduced a new bottle shape that is thinner and longer than most
single serve bottles while the label, which is about 3 times larger than the size of a soda bottle label, is designed
to cover most of the bottle with eye-catching artwork utilizing Taghleef’s CTL 75 film.
As Talking Rain has developed this new niche, their competition is now following the design footprint Sparkling
Ice created, also employing Taghleef’s films. Wal-Mart (Cott Beverage) is the newest to enter into this segment
with Clear American Ice using Taghleef’s CTL 48 and WTML 350.
Taghleef is very proud to be part of the Pepsi rebranding project of Mist Twist. To really
catch the eye of the consumer,
’s metalized roll-fed base films are the perfect choice,
especially in the ultra-high glossy format of the lamination, which also protects the
labels with the sparkly new re-design.
PepsiCo branding goals are to accentuate the zesty lemon-lime flavor of the product
to their consumers in the very competitive beverage markets. That’s why the choice
of film to support the graphics changes and branding messages is so important.
The fantastic opaque metalized WTML base with a glossy CTL over-lamination are
ideal film choices for the label construction and the marketing re-branding mission.
With this lamination structure the labels are able to support the highest quality
graphics look with optimum labeler and machining performance.
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