Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 4

“No so long ago, in a galaxy far, far away the battle of commodity OPP films
was raging. From the remote
base in Asia Pacific region,
Australian rebels
managed to determine the secret of winning the war against evil commodity
forces. The rebel Australian scientists and their loyal product developers
invented the latest innovation for IML in the OPP wars,
This powerful creation has been transmitted to all
bases all over the world in
the form of a patent application. As free world printers apply a UV varnish, Titanium
outshines the brightest stars in the galaxy. Titanium also possesses enough matte surface
to feed and stack perfectly through the lithographic print process, and amazingly holds static
during label pinning in the IML process. Titanium is indeed a revolutionary breakthrough.
This innovative rebel cause has started a revolution to set the printers
free from the grips of poor performing OPP empire products and to
change IML history for the better.
One of the free-spirited and “legacy IML printers” in North America has
used this weapon very effectively in the stadium cup battle. Cinema
Scene has chosen the fantastic General Press Labels and launched
a series of collector stadium cups that stand out in the galaxy.
Soon, many more printers will join the cause on the path
to stellar innovation and reaching for the stars.”
The Empire
Strikes Again
Digital Printing,
the Latest Technology
for Marketing Single Serve Soda Using Taghleef Films
Our key North American customers, Pepsi and Coke,
have found the power of specialty labels in their
promotions, a key avenue with their brand marketing.
While their marketing campaigns are different, one
thing they have in common
is that they are utilizing
USA films (CTL 48, WTLII
400 and WTML 350) in
their activities via digital
printing, the newest print
technology on the market
The Pepsi emoji program follows Coca-Cola’s successful “Share a Coke”
packaging promotion that features hundreds of first names and sayings
on bottles and cans. Coca-Cola has used the program in the U.S. for the
last two summers, after it was launched in Australia in 2011.
The “Share a Coke” campaign will take a step further this summer when
it exchanges first names with song lyrics on packages of Coca-Cola®
products. “Share a Coke and a Song” will also feature lyrics from well
known Coca-Cola and Diet Coke ads such as “I’d Like To Buy The World A
Coke,” “Taste the Feeling™” and
“Just For The Taste Of It.”
So when you see these special
promotions on the shelves think
of Taghleef’s contribution to
deliver the popular labels.
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