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Ti LLC, Dubai, UAE
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This year marks a major milestone for Taghleef Industries as we celebrate our 10th anniversary.
In the last decade, by merging the experience and power of three companies: Technopack (Egypt), AKPP
(Oman) and Dubai Poly Film (UAE),
has transformed itself from a small, standard BOPP film provider in the
Middle East into a successful international Group with production of 410,000 tons of specialized and multi-
purpose films for food packaging, labels, industrial and graphic arts applications.
Shorko (Australia), Radici Film (Italy & Hungary), AET Films (USA & Canada) and Derprosa Films (Spain) are
the strategic acquisitions that have played an important role in the accomplishments of the
Group. Each
company contributed their knowledge, their specialized product portfolios and their powerful technology
platforms, adding value and fortifying the entire organization.
Distribution centers were opened in Germany, UK, France, Portugal, South Africa and El Salvador, and
representative offices are now in China, Malaysia and India. In support of this global supply network, five
principal R&D centers across the globe develop the most advanced innovative packaging solutions expected in
the market.
The Group expanded at a fast pace internationally with an unmatched customer reach. Today,
is a
multicultural, multinational industry leader with a global footprint, and maintains a strategic position and
connections to global brand owners in the food and beverage markets.
In honor of this significant achievement,
offices and facilities around the world celebrated the anniversary
with a traditional cake reception. At each gathering,
leaders had the opportunity to share the highlights
of the
corporate story and to express appreciation to all
employees for their hard work and continued
dedication. With pride and thankfulness for the last 10 years, Taghleef Industries looks to the future with
excitement and anticipation: Ten years, 5 continents, 40 languages, 2200 people, and counting…
To capture Ti’s growth and optimism for
the future, a new logo and motto have
been created. Posters, tradeshow banners,
employee email signatures and other media
will carry the new logo and motto
for the next year.
10 Years of Achievements in 2016
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