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Dear Customers and Colleagues,
What a difference a decade makes! In April 2016, Taghleef Industries celebrated our 10th
Anniversary. In the last ten years we have grown from our founding sites in Dubai, Oman,
and Egypt into a global company with operations on five continents.
As I visit our sites, I consider that we have united some of the greatest minds in our
industry, bringing with them diverse backgrounds, unique experiences, and valuable
perspectives. It’s remarkable to know that over 40 different languages are being spoken at our various operation
sites, distribution centers, and sales offices around the globe. Our workforce shapes how we innovate, how we
communicate, and how we see our world.
Currently, we are manufacturing film at sites in nine countries. This growth in locations and capacities allows us
to serve our customers in the most efficient and effective ways possible. For our larger customers, this means
local resources and consistent quality worldwide. For our local customers, this means having a global supplier
that brings world-class products and services to their region.
We undoubtedly have a bigger company now than we did ten years ago. That said, we have never lost sight of
our most valuable assets: our employees, our customers, and the communities they create. People drive this
company and always will.
Our organization is marking the anniversary with a motto that recognizes our past and looks forward to our future:
10 Years, 5 Continents, 40 Languages, 2200 People and Counting…
Congratulations to Taghleef Industries on ten successful years and sincerest thanks to all of our loyal customers.
I hope you will join us in celebrating this important milestone and look forward with us to the next decade and beyond.
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group
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