Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 18

Continuing our aim to offer first class customer service, we are proud to
announce that our newest warehouse in China is now open! Thanks to this,
we will be able to reach our Asian customers faster, offering another valued
competitive advantage. The first ocean container is on its way and it is expected
that the warehouse will be fully equipped by the end of June.
This new warehouse location gives
SLU with DERPROSA™ films a clear
advantage by reducing the time to market, becoming the 13th opened in just 3
years. With warehouses now present in Spain, Portugal (2), UK, Italy, Germany
(2), France, Romania, Hungary, USA (2), and China, the DERPROSA™ product
range is deployed worldwide.
Expansion in the Middle East is focused on specialty films with high added value due to major competition from Asian suppliers
in standard films. This intensification is part of the international expansion strategy that
SLU with the DERPROSA™ range is
currently implementing worldwide.
The need for this geographical expansion arose from the increased demand for BoPP that
exists in the Middle East. In this area, the DERPROSA™ range currently serves different
sectors with a growing demand for luxury products: packaging (specifically luxury
folding cartons), book publishing, digital printing, large-format printing and labelling.
In Turkey,
is strengthening its business relationship with one of the leading
wholesalers in the country, helping them to work with the main printing houses by
using specialty films like SoFT TOUcH™ and Luminescence.
In Dubai, and in collaboration with the DERPROSA™ sales team, Taghleef LLC
is introducing the specialty films to leading companies, and a warehouse will be
opened soon which will directly serve all local customers.
Finally, in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Lebanon, trade relations are being intensified with a
local wholesaler to promote specialty films. The success of DERPROSA™ films, both in
domestic markets and internationally, has been the result of the quality and innovation which
the company offers with its films. This success positions DERPROSA™ films at the forefront of the graphic arts industry and on
the cutting edge of finishing solutions for packaging.
for DERPROSA™’s Graphic Arts Film
OpenedMay 2016 in China
Intensification of
Graphic Arts
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