Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 17

Visitors were also able to see first-hand the different luxury applications, premium bags, and unique labels used for
the most popular worldwide brands.
In addition, during the conference program held during the fair,
SLU was involved at the round table “The Role
of Packaging in the Customer Journey” on June 7, with the participation of Ignacio López-Baillo (DERPROSA™ Global
Sales and Marketing Director).
DERPROSA™ Marketing & Business Development Manager, Joaquín López said: “The products presented were a big
hit with our customers and prospects. The fact that
we increased our market penetration is a great
testament to the efforts of our staff, and we’d
like to thank everyone for all their energy and hard
work. We look forward to seeing you at the next
DRUPA edition to be held again in Düsseldorf from
Tuesday, June 23 to Friday, July 3, 2020.”
Feel the Black
Graphic Arts
Elegance Black SoFT TOUcH™
: the perfect combination of the unique
effect (patented in Europe)
with a high intensity black color.
How it makes the difference:
This product offers a high intensity black finish
consistent throughout the entire lamination job
so there is no need for multiple runs of black.
It is ideal for lamination jobs that require an
enormous amount of solid deep black coverage
meaning that at the end of the lamination job,
the first print will have the same black level and
consistency as print 10,000. No need to worry
about the color shifting or becoming lighter.
It is printable by offset UV, traditional offset
and screen printing.
This film is excellent in many applications, such
as: Luxury folding cartons (perfumes, spirits,
jewelry, luxury bags), post cards, brochures,
business cards, and luxury paper labels.
Ti team at DRUPA 2016
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