Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 15

Italian Supermarket Chain
Fully Compostable Bread Bags
Starting May 2016, the Italian supermarket chain U2
has replaced all its bread bags used at self-service
bakery points of sale with 100% biodegradable and
compostable bags made of paper and a transparent
bioplastic window made of NATIVIA® film.
The paper andNATIVIA®breadbags aremade by Turconi
SpA, one of the biggest Italian producers of paper bags,
and are certified for industrial composting by Vinçotte
(certificate code S565). These biodegradable bags are
the latest action from U2 supermarkets against waste.
Their mission is to encourage consumers to reduce
waste, reuse and recycle the bag. Available in more
than 100 supermarkets, leaflets and panels inform
customers and explain the easy steps to follow: first,
to put the fresh bread in the bag and then to reuse it as
a biodegradable bag for the disposal of organic waste
(provided that the price tag is removed, as it is not
NATIVIA® film NTSS20 µm fulfills all the requirements
needed for this application: its great transparency
allows consumers to see the product inside, while the
high WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) lets the
product “breathe” thus retaining freshness without
the need of perforation (which is often required for PP
The attention given to environmental protection has
become an integral part of U2 supermarkets’ policy by
promoting sustainable solutions and initiatives that
can influence consumers’ behaviors, attitudes and
lifestyles. With the introduction of bread bags made of
paper and 100% biodegradable and compostable PLA
film, U2 accomplishes, together with the customer, a
step further towards waste reduction. As their motto
says: “It’s stupid to waste. It’s good to discover it!”
Visit the NATIVIA® webpages on Taghleef’s website
and check out our new video
showing how the compostable bread bags are made
and can be used.
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