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Becomes a
for High Barrier Films
Technical Seminar 2016
The EXTENDO® brand was introduced in 2011 to classify the
range of high barrier BOPP films manufactured by Taghleef
Industries, with a main focus on Europe.
More recently, high barrier clear and metalized BOPP films
have been developed and introduced in other
units around
the globe, particularly in North America and Australia.
With this expansion into other regions,
is able to advance
EXTENDO® into a global brand, thus reinforcing brand
visibility, optimizing its barrier film portfolio, and offering its
customers global solutions for demanding high barrier film
Key attributes of EXTENDO® films include:
- Barrier to gas, moisture, aromas, mineral oils
- User-friendly converting process, equivalent to standard
BOPP films
- Ability to run on existing packaging equipment
EXTENDO® high barrier BOPP films include clear, white and
metalizedfilms, and the range is available toall our customers
around the globe, creating opportunities for packaging
weight reduction, mono-material barrier structures, PVdC
coated film replacement, shelf life extension and enhanced
food safety.
For further information, please visit the new EXTENDO®
website pages at
FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry of which Taghleef is an active member, offers education
and technical publications to label converters and suppliers in the labelling industry.
The event that helps to accomplish this is the biennial FINAT Technical Seminar, held this year fromMarch 16-18 in Barcelona
(Spain). This year’s theme “Labelling– the future andbeyond” attracted 180participants to the event, who actively contributed
during the presentations and also during the table top sessions, which provided an excellent networking opportunity. The
Taghleef table top showcased a portfolio of films with fresh new finishes for self-adhesive labels, with the metallic look of
LZP film and the tactile properties of SoFT TOUcH™ generating the most interest.
Learn more at
Quite a few seminar sessions showed a concrete approach to more sustainable labels, while others tackled topics related
to emerging technologies, such as printed electronics. The eye was also on the disruptive technologies - direct-to-container
print being one of the most discussed - that will certainly shape the future of labelling technologies and labels. In summary,
the audience agreed with the closing speaker that multi-functionality and flexibility are the two key elements of a successful
future label. Visit
for more information about this seminar.
From left to right: Joaquin Lopez, Marketing & Business
Development Manager DERPROSA; Lucija Kralj, Product
Manager Label Films, Ti SpA; Francesco Barbangelo, Technical
Service, Ti SpA
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