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When the CHINACOAT doors opened,
Henrianne’s Chairman, Mr. Yang Ying,
had a feeling that it was going to be a
successful show, but he didn’t expect
that visitors would be “flooding” into
his booth. Immediately, the eight
thanks to the I-IML technology that was showcased. All attention was focused on both
the high gloss IML film (LIW 50) and the metallic IML film
tanium™ (LTZ 62) that enabled
Henrianne to produce outstanding buckets.
This three-day event attracted tens of thousands of experts and specialists from
both coating and painting industries dealing with the domestic and overseas markets.
CHINACOAT offered an opportunity to the local plastic and metal tin bucket producers
to look at innovative packaging solutions such as I-IML, which is the latest packaging
technology in China compared to the traditional ways of either heat transfer or screen
print, both long used in that country.
With labor, factory overhead and other components costs on the rise for manufacturing,
fully automated production lines are becoming the perfect solution for making quality
plastic containers. Henrianne displayed plastic containers in a range of sizes (20L/18L/5L
/5L/3.2L/2.5L/2.3L/1L) with various designs, all made from its fully automated machines
in Beijing. With these latest investments and the addition of brand new injection machine
lines, Henrianne presented I-IML buckets themed “Green Packaging”: more sustainable,
easily recyclable, and a smaller carbon footprint!
“With full support from our respected partner, Taghleef Industries, and their latest
innovation of
tanium™ coming from their Label Team, I’m confident that together we
will be able to deliver a long-awaited green packaging solution to the paint and lubricant
market!,” said Mr. Yang, who was the pioneer of B-IML
technology (blow molding) in the China region. Mr Yang has
been very successful in this field for over 10 years and is now
looking for new challenges with this new technology.
Henrianne (Beijing) Science & Technology Development
Co., Ltd established in 1993, is a company that combines
manufacturing technologies of designing, printing and
plastic packaging (blow molding, injection molding). It’s
the only company in mainland China with complete supply
chain expertise in label printing, blow molding and injection
molding technologies. Henrianne is currently the largest IML
producer in Northern China.
Henrianne’s various size buckets and Green Packaging “Tree”
Asia Pacific
Henrianne’s Successful Story
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