Ti-News n. 16 // July 2016 - page 10

ACL Films
’s “Flexible” Partner in Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific
Southeast Asia:
In-Mold Labeling
HP Digital Technology
HP is the leading supplier of next generation digital presses in the world and already an industry
partner to Taghleef in Europe and North America. In an attempt to reinforce
– HP cooperation in
Asia Pacific region, wherein HP plans to enter the IML segment with their newest digital presses, HP
’s various IML film grades including
’s most novel industry invention: metallic IML film
PT Cahaya is an emerging supplier of I-IML printed solutions based in Jakarta, Indonesia and was
pleased to join the project, assisting with graphics, design, die cutting and using their injection
molding partner.
The project was kicked off in January 2016 and went through an exciting tri-party collaboration
process. All stagesof theprojectwere jointly coordinated, fromchoosing IMLgrades from
range, arranging samples, to selecting the
final product: movie cups. Ultimately, the
converting and molding processes resulted
in beautifully themed and unique individual
designs for white opaque, clear andmetalized
substrates. With the successful project
completed, all three partners exhibited the
movie cups at DRUPA 2016.
Taghleef Industries Asia-Pacific’s partner, ACL Films, represents
Asia Pacific in New Zealand and also supplements
secondary slitting capabilities in Australia. ACL Films has recently increased its capabilities by investing in a wide, high-speed
computer controlled slitting machine from the UK.
ACL Films has established its reputation by being flexible
and adapting to customer requirements, offering large or
small quantities with short lead time. A recent example of
this occurred when a NZ converter urgently needed a small
quantity of film, and theonlyfilmavailablewasmuchwider
than their printing press. On its way to the airport, the film
was diverted to ACL Films’ Melbourne operation and the
film was slit within 24 hours for immediate airfreight –
thereby solving a big problem for the converter.
The combination of a major BOPP filmproducer like
Pacific and a flexible partner like ACL Films to offer short
term solutions is proving particularly useful for small and
medium-sized enterprises, or SMEs, who previously had to
work within standard lead times.
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