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Specialty Clear CPP
Launched for Bakery
Industry inMiddle East
UAE – Strong Base
and Infrastructure
for Far Future
Taghleef ZVB
Enables 100%BoPP Snack Packaging
Taghleef Industries has launched DC005, a clear cast polypropylene (CPP) film with
outstanding seal strength for high-speed packaging of fresh bakery products. The
project was jointly developed by
and a major food industry customer in the GCC region
to package a newly created cream cheese sandwich. The package was designed using
’s latest addition to its wide range of specialty CPP films, which is clear and
glossy, and is available in 35 and 40 micron thicknesses.
For this project, DC005 was laminated to a reverse-printed PET (polyester) film for use in
a horizontal flow-wrap application.
’s DC005 is specially designed for optimal package
integrity with its excellent seal strength and high hot tack. Due to its ability to create
a hermetic seal, DC005 provides protection against air and aroma leakage, and ensures
freshness of food items. In addition, this film’s stiffness and low COF result in exceptional
machine performance.
As the bakery industry continues to flourish in the region – with Saudi Arabia alone accounting for more than
US$5 billion worth of bakery products - such innovative films developed by
for the food packaging industry are not
only in great demand, they also significantly contribute to improving overall consumer experience.
The converting industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has
evolved over the last decade into a leadership position in the
region. Converters in the UAE have gained a reputation as regional
export leaders, catering to wider markets ranging from the GCC,
Africa, and south to central Europe.
Due to a relatively small base of end-users, converting companies
have been motivated to find sustainable markets within as well
as outside the region. This has resulted in a substantial increase
in exported products. Today, almost 70% of existing converting
capacity supplies export markets. Beyond the statistics, this trend
reflects the economic philosophy and ambitions of the UAE.
The flexible packaging sector is well
served. An abundance of available raw
materials, a convenient location next to
nearly half the world’s population, and an
infrastructure made for the far future -
including the Jebel Ali Port, supports the
growth of flexible packaging converters in
the UAE.
The latest trends intheconverting industry
include high profile acquisitions and
capital inflow from major multinational
companies such as Unilever andMondelez.
Investment and expansion in the region
are ongoing. Taghleef reflects these
current trends in the UAE and supports
the growth of specialty packaging.
Food packaging using only BoPP films is not common in Asian markets.
Asian markets currently favor packaging comprised of a combination of materials. This reliance on packaging
comprised of multiple layers of different films is driven by the abundance of PET, minimal environmental
regulation, and the lack of recycling infrastructure in Asian markets. Typically these multi-layer packages will
include BoPP, PET, and CPP or PE.
The variety of polymeric films in the packaging causes difficulty in recycling. In addition, the use of CPP or PE as
the packaging’s sealing layer creates packaging which is difficult for the consumer to open.
Recently, efforts have been made to bring the 100% BoPP packaging structure, common in the USA and
Australia, to the Asian market. When all layers are comprised of BoPP, the resulting package has proven to be
easy to open by the consumer and simpler to recycle than packaging made of a mix of different plastics.
In a recent example of the trend toward 100% BoPP packaging, a
global leader in snack food conducted long-term trials on 100% BoPP
packaging to protect product freshness and crispness in Pakistan.
Packages made of reverse printed transparent heat sealable 15-
20um BoPP laminated to Taghleef’s ZVB15-18 BoPP were successful
in replacing existing mixed plastic packaging structures. The move
to 100% BoPP packaging will allow the snack food producer to
supply both local markets and markets outside of Pakistan where
recyclability and ease of opening are essential.
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