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Phthalate is a hard word to spell and say (f-th-al-ate), but traces of many phthalates are easy to find in
numerous consumer products. The chemical Esters of Phthalic Acid are excellent industrial plasticizers
which improve many aspects of manufacturing goods, from pliability to durability - they are virtually
ubiquitous. Flooring, toys, cars, cosmetics, shampoos, certain food packaging materials, and many other
products contain phthalate traces.
However since the 1990’s they came under intense toxicological scrutiny. Today many of them are banned
e.g. in 2015 in Europe from children toys. In 2009 US Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety
Improvement Act restricting the amount of certain phthalates in consumer goods.
Such legislation has implications not only for the product producers, but also for the labels industry and
their suppliers. Regulatory information on Taghleef products is available upon request.
Taghleef’s regulatory department and our dedicated R&D teams have worked diligently over the last few
years to remove the known phthalate called “BBP” or Benzyl Butyl Phthalate from
’s portfolio of top
coated PSL films. Such Taghleef global team efforts are driven by
s concern for the sustainability of
joint business with our customers and brand owners for the ultimate safety of everyone.
Technicote Inc. is a growing, innovative, and resourceful company
providing specialized, pressure sensitive materials to the roll labels
industry. For this Technicote relies on innovative and growing
suppliers like Taghleef.
Taghleef not only provides an excellent, high quality global portfolio
of coated and uncoated face stock films, but they are a domestic
North American company that provides great services.
Concerning service, Technicote’s Executive Director of Sales, Ralph
Atkins says “We are excited about the opening of our new
facility in Dallas.
It will provide customers with the high level of service they have
come to expect from Technicote and we have plans to expand that
service even further in the near future.”
The new Dallas, Texas slitting and distribution facility assists in
providing complete order fulfillment to customers located in Texas,
Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.
Technicote stocks more than 70 paper, film and foil pressure
sensitive label products, in narrow and wide web widths.
Many are available trim free out of the new Dallas slitting and
distribution facility.
Labels Technical Talk
Removal of Phthalates in Coated
Self Adhesive Labels Films
Customer Spotlight -
Technicote Inc.
Asia Pacific
Asia Pacific
NewMember to Sales &Marketing Team
Taghleef Industries Asia Pacific based in Melbourne is pleased to announce the appointment of Wee
Hong Tan as Commercial Manager. Wee Hong has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with
majors in Finance and Marketing as well as a Graduate Diploma in IT from Swinburne University of
Technology in Melbourne. Wee Hong will take over major accounts from
Don Sturgeon. Don, who has been part of the leadership team of
Pty, and after a productive 3-year assignment in Melbourne, is rejoining
Taghleef Industries Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.
Asia Pacific CEO, Elie Jarrous, thanked Don for his contribution during
the past 3 years saying, “Don completed a very successful assignment
and his capabilities, particularly during the recent transformation of the
Asia Pacific business were invaluable. I wish Don well in his new role in
USA at
We look forward to the contributions which Wee Hong will bring to the
team in 2016.
Taghleef Industries attended PACE, Packaging and Converting Executive Forum, held in Singapore in early November.
PACE Asia is a two-day event focused on innovations and partnerships to identify twenty-first century solutions.
The annual forum is considered a key event for the packaging industry and covers a wide range of significant topics such
as the newest innovations, the latest in sustainability and food safety, the impact of consumer trends, and the effects
of 3D printing. The conference included guest speaker presentations, one-on-one interactive business meetings, as well
as roundtable discussions on the future of packaging, and modern
strategies for consistent growth and increased revenues.
The event was well-attended by several leading multinationals from
across the packaging supply chain.
Taghleef’s Steve Hodgson (Sales Manager Labels, Asia Pacific)
delivered a presentation titled “Dawn of a New Era in Flexible
Packaging with
’s Latest Innovation and New Concepts.” The
presentation was very well-received by attendees and highlighted
’s newest BOPP film solution,
tanium™. This metallic in-mould
labels film for the decoration of injection-molded containers also
offers new concepts in graphic arts for the food & beverage industry.
also used product displays to showcase its new developments
which provided an excellent platform for networking and stimulated
discussions around new opportunities.
Overall, the event was decidedly worthwhile and we look forward to
attending again in 2016.
From left to right: Steve Hodgson, Sales Manager Labels, Asia
Pacific, Muhammad Ali Mirza, Business Development Manager,
SEA - and Jason Zhao, GM Ti-DERPROSA™APAC at Ti’s product
display stand
PACE Asia 2015
Taghleef Industries presents Dawn of
New Era in Flexible Packaging
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