Ti-News n. 15 // January 2016 - page 10-11

Ultra High Yield
for In-Mold Labels
Eshuis -
Next Generation of Wrap Around Labels
A BoPP filmwith Tactile Properties
Bacterstop -
An Antibacterial
The latest addition to
’s portfolio of IML films is
60µm LIU, a white voided film with ultra high yield,
suitable for decoration of small size containers.
Thanks to its characteristics, it delivers a high
orange peel finish after the injection molding of the
container. For thisproject LIU60wasused todecorate
a small container lid. The printing was executed by
Grafiche Seven S.p.A.
, an Italian converter based
in Verona which specializes in the production of a
wide variety of labels utilizing roll-fed, offset and
flexo technologies. Grafiche Seven used their know-
how of label
enhance the
container lid
with 4 colors
and varnish.
The superior
and flatness
of LIU 60
ensure print register stability during the print run.
Along with excellent ink adhesion and reduced ink
drying time, LIU 60 improves overall converting
Sustainable Packaging Solutions
The packaging market is constantly searching for environmentally
sustainable solutions in response to consumer concerns with the depletion
of fossil resources and climate change. This is why trays made using the
highly transparent and glossy NATIVIA™ 40µmNTSS in-mold label attracted
such high interest. Both the tray and label were made with PLA which is
obtained from plants, is compostable, and offers a sustainable alternative
to traditional oil-based plastics. This joint development project involved
to supply the IML film,
Grafiche Seven S.p.A.
(Italy) to print the labels,
Elledi Plast S.r.l.
(Italy) to produce the injection molded cream cheese
container using PLA based resin Ingeo™ 3251D. Superior stiffness and film
flatness ensure print register stability during the printing run, while the film surface properties lead to favorable ink adhesion for
IML applications. Optimal stiffness is also crucial for the most efficient die cutting.
Among the innovative products presented was the
new 50µm LIH. LIH, a white cavitated film is typically
used in 70µm for IML decoration of medium to large
size containers whenever a smooth post-molding finish
is desired. The new thinner version of 50µm LIH now
delivers a smooth finish on thin walled containers and
can be successfully applied to larger containers, whereby
it also reduces film weight. The 5-liter yogurt container
shown at Labelexpo was printed by
The West Yorkshire
Printing Co.
and molded by
, both in the
UK. The smaller container, Diablo Delish, was decorated
in La Crosse, WI and molded at
in Omaha, NE. LIH is
designed for offset (roll-to-
sheet, sheet-to-sheet, roll-
to-roll technologies), gravure
and flexo printing methods.
It is compatible with rotary,
flatbed and high die cutting
“Make Quality Visible” is the motto of Dutch converter
Eshuis BV
, the chosen supplier of the Coca Cola
Company Europe which prints hundreds of millions of
personalized bottle labels. So who better than Eshuis
BV could have combined creative graphic designs with
high-quality printing on an innovative label film such
as 38µm LXI for wrap-around labels? LXI 38 is an ultra
high-yield white voided film and is the preferred choice
of both converters and bottlers thanks to its excellent
gloss, opacity and excellent machine performance. Its
low thickness also allows for the production of amore sustainable, lighter weight package. The imaginative design
and the digital printing of the labels made by Eshuis resulted in a colorful and unique collection of water bottles
that perfectly conveyed the high quality and innovation of both companies. The end product is a 50cl bottle of
mineral water with an stylish, eye-catching label.
How do you convey the silkiness of a cosmetic cream to the consumer without opening the jar?
A SoFT TOUcH™ self-adhesive label is the solution.
Taghleef Industries partnered with
(France), a
European leader in printed label manufacturing, to offer an innovative
self-adhesive label using SoFT TOUcH™.
The velvety SoFT TOUcH™ from the DERPROSA™ graphic arts line of
films communicates luxury and exclusivity thanks to its unique tactile
properties. The label was created using a BoPP transparent 60µmfilm
with a solvent acrylic based permanent adhesivewhichwas applied to
a 61µm white backing glassine. Finally, it was digitally printed and
then overlaminated with SoFT TOUcH™ film. Research proves that
tactile properties not only attract consumers to a product but also
encourage repeat purchases.
In a world where consumers tend to physically interact with a product before purchasing it,
whether to evaluate it or gather information about it, the risk of contagion from one consumer
to another is high. Bacterstop, the antibacterial film fromDERPROSA
, offers brand owners and
consumers protection against 99.9% of existing bacteria.
Bacterstop was showcased at the
booth and also at the Smart Packaging Lab, an exclusive
platform for the latest advances in substrates, inks, digital systems and printing. Available in
both matte and gloss finishes,
’s Bacterstop films are suitable for labelling, graphic
arts and flexible packaging applications. Bacterstop films offer advantages to many markets
including personal care, hygiene products, medical packaging, pharmaceuticals, children’s
products, and restaurant menus to name just a few.
LIH 50
Smooth Finish for
ThinWall Containers
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