Ti-News n. 15 // January 2016 - page 8-9

A Brighter Future
Labelexpo Europe was dominated
by new product launches and many
major new developments were
unveiled. It was definitely the ideal
occasion for Taghleef Industries
to launch its new metallic In Mold
Labelling BoPP film branded
tanium™ is a novel metallic film
promoting high value, an elegant
feel and brand differentiation that result in a stunning presentation in the final
product. The multi-layer film has the metallic component as one of the inner
layers thus removing the possibility of scratching and ink adhesion. The film is
suitable for sheet fed offset and rotary print formats and does not require a
prime coating. As a bonus it is capable of being printed on either side.
From premium grade foodstuffs, to stadium cups used for premiere Hollywood
movie blockbusters, through to industrial products,
tanium™ is attracting
attention from brand owners looking to promote their products with a “luxury-
look” finish and a ‘come and buy me’ shelf presence. The product is ideal for
premium brand reinforcement and offers endless design possibilities, including
the “reflective brilliance” of the Gloss Finish, or the eye catching “gunmetal” of a
matte finish, or perhaps using combinations of metallic colours for eye-catching
appearance or product differentiation. Any of these options results in a stunning
presentation in the final product.
One example, showcased at Labelexpo Europe, was the use of
tanium™ for Nuetraceutical pails. For these pails, John
Herrod & Associates converted the film into labels and NCI Packaging molded them for Horleys brand Owner Naturalac
Nutrition. Red, blue, green and yellow are not the most common colours that people think of inmetallic version.
film solution ensured Horleys products in IML pails have the same, or better, metallic effect as their other packaging
formats, thereby retaining the integrity of their brand across the entire range. This is just one example of the many
tanium™ solutions showcased and the expo and we look forward to
highlighting further examples from our development partners across
the globe in future issues of
Overall, Taghleef Industries is very proud of this new product and the
achievements of our scientific and global team to bring
to the market.
Unique Values
in an Array of Film
A marketing initiative that attracted high interest was the rather unconventional
olive oil glass bottle presented inside an elegant black box. Its self-adhesive label
was made using the metalized 30µm LZP film that accentuated the premium
look with a glossy silver finish. In this facestock application, LZP 30 was used in
combinationwitha transparent LSAfilm, specificallydesigned for SALapplications.
This project was developed in partnership with
Roll Cover Italiana Srl
in Italy. Roll
Cover is a supplier to self-adhesive label producers, specializing in self adhesive
films. Roll Cover laminated, applied adhesive and top-coated the label stock, thus
offering a perfect base for digital printing. Afterwards, in the final process, LZP 30
was printed using digital technology. LZP 30 is suitable for perfume bottles, luxury
and other household products.
What about a Matryoshka set of pails highlighting the features of our wide range of in-mold label films?
This is how this unique project came to life.
collaborated with two important players in the IML industry: Greek printing house
Stephanos Karydakis
Graphic Arts S.A.
and German injection molder
Jokey PlastikWipperfürth GmbH.
Stephanos Karydakis operates a state-of-the-art printing plant, which is specially designed for in-mold labels
production. Jokey is a global leader in the field of plastic packaging development and production and offers an
extensive standard range of buckets, tubs and trays for food and non-food items.
The resultof this collaborationwasasetof sixpailswithwhimsical designs for childrenthat clearlydemonstrates
howmany finishes can be attained with
IML films.
Each of them highlighted a different finish. The high orange peel finish of the XXS-sized pail was obtained
using LIX, an ultra high yield white voided film.
The XS-sized pail differed from the others for
its transparency and no-label look using the
clear LIT.
The novelty of S-sized pail was made using the
brand newmetallic
tanium™ LTZ film.
The M-sized had a particular satin finish look
with LIM, a very high yield white voided film.
Next, the L-sized pail featured a smooth finish
look using LIG. Finally, the IML film used for
“Mother Matryoshka,” the XL-sized pail was
made with LIH which delivered a glossy look.
Silver Look for Self-Adhesive Labels
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