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Graphic Arts
Luxe Pack Monaco celebrated an exceptional turnout in October of
this year. Once again visitors from around the world gathered at the
internationally recognized premier packaging show from October 21 to 23,
2015. The annual event set new records for the numbers of exhibitors,
visitors, and international markets represented.
With the addition of new exhibition space, Luxe Pack had 450 exhibitors
which included 80 new participants. Organizers also reported an increase
of 2% over the previous year’s attendance with 8,651 visitors.
Of those visitors, there was a marked increase in the number foreign
markets represented, in particular from the Americas (up 50% from Latin
America and up 25% from the US and Canada).
Luxe Pack drew brand owners from around the globe, eager to meet
industry experts specializing in differentiation and innovation in luxury
packaging. During the three-day show, numerous conferences were held
and presentations included a variety of current topics including “Innovative
Decoration,” “Asian Consumers in 2025,” and “The Digital Revolution
Serving Creative Packaging.”
Once again, the team from Taghleef Industries SLU, representing the
DERPROSA™ graphic arts brand, hosted a popular booth at Luxe Pack
was also privileged to be a Gold Partner sponsor of the Formes
de Luxe Awards, which is always a highlight of the event. At the awards
’s Ignacio López Baillo - Global Sales and Marketing Director
DERPROSA™ was honored to present the award for “Best Perfume and
Cosmetic Gift Box” to Kenzo / Knoll Prestige Packaging for their design
titled “Flower.” The same design also won the “Grand Prix du Jury.”
Luxe Pack Monaco
From left to right : Noemie Leblond, Knoll Prestige Packagng
Ignacio López Baillo - Global Sales and Marketing Director
DERPROSA ; Maelle Bogros, Kenzo.
Coffret designed by the Partners
From left to right - Joaquín María López Batlles, Marketing
& Business Development Manager; Roberto Correa -
Regional Sales Manager; Moira Bentoglio - Regional Sales
Manager; Ignacio López Baillo - Global Sales
and Marketing Director; Franck Hervé - Sales Executive.
At the end of the awards ceremony all attendees received an elegant
gift box. Brand & Think facilitated this project which highlighted the
know-how and expertise of all the industry partners who sponsored
the Formes de Luxe Awards including Hertus, Knoll Prestige
Packaging, Storaenso, Sleever, TPS
Emballages, Oriol & Fontanel,
La Fayette Champagne, and Taghleef
Industries. The result of this collaboration
was a high-end champagne gift box
DERPROSA™ film Quartz Elegance Gold
Gloss which combines the benefits of
anti-scratch properties with a stunning
gold appearance. DERPROSA™ film has
been used for the cover of this edition of
Corinne Rougeau
Design & Layout:
Aipem (Udine) - Italy
FotoeGrafica Immagini
di Alessio Buldrin
Poligrafiche San Marco
Cormons (GO) Italy
made with
Dear Customers and Colleagues,
As the world around us continues to turn, we at Taghleef are constantly investing time and
effort in every task we undertake. We have diligently followed our strategic plans, allowing our
companies to meet weekly, monthly, and annual goals in an increasingly challenging business
As a plastic films supplier, there is no doubt of our contribution to the general improvement
of daily life for an increasing number of people: customers are well informed of what they buy, food is spared from
spoilage, dosage and effectiveness of drugs are ensured, items arrive at destination without damage, traceability
through the supply chain is facilitated… But when I consider the recent Paris Climate Change Summit, COP 21,
where world leaders stressed the impact of human activity on our planet, I have to be concerned and ask myself how
can I contribute?
Taghleef is manufacturing some 400,000 tons of film per year. We invest considerable time and technology to
curb water, raw material and energy consumption in all of our plants not only for our competitiveness, but also for
sustainability. We design formulations, processes and machines that optimize efficiency for every kilo we produce.
Thanks to our pipeline of projects, I can envision step changes for continued advances in the years to come because
BoPP technology still has so much to accomplish.
In many countries, the growth of packaged goods is not proportionate to the services needed to manage the refuse.
Too much of it ends up untreated in our environment. So, if there is one area where I would like Taghleef to be more
influential, it is the life after use of our products. For several years, Taghleef has been the only “major” of the BoPP
industry producing a commercial range of films made from a renewable source (BOPLA). We need to go beyond and
work with our customers and brand owners in order to bring solutions that offer a better outlook for future generations.
Taghleef has finished yet another successful year. This is the result of a multi-continental effort, one that has involved
a diverse array of individuals from many nations and cultures. I would like to take this opportunity at the end of the
year to thank all of our customers for their business and our colleagues for their hard work.
With gratefulness for the year behind and optimism for the year ahead,
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group
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