Ti-News n. 15 // January 2016 - page 18-19

With more than 1,500 exhibitors and 43,000 trade visitors, this year’s
FachPack trade show in Nuremberg set new records. Even the space
at the Nuremburg Exhibition Centre was larger than ever with the
addition of a new hall. FachPack 2015 proved to be an important
meeting place for the entire packaging industry and attracted trade
show visitors from all areas of manufacturing and packaging for
consumer and industrial products. Visitorsmainly came fromGermany
and neighbouring countries.
The Taghleef Industries booth was once again located in Hall 5.
Products showcased during the event included
’s packaging and
label films, NATIVIA™ BoPLA biodegradable films and EXTENDO™
high-barrier films. Furthermore, for the first time at FachPack,
booth also featured the newly added DERPROSA™ films for luxury
packaging. Our wide range of films attracted many visitors which
allowed us to maintain partnerships, build new relationships, and generate new contacts in the converting and end user sectors. In
view of the ongoing MOSH / MOH discussion, and due to unique attributes such as high oxygen, aroma and mineral oil-barrier, it is
believed that EXTENDO™ high barrier films will provide excellent solutions for the high end segments of our industry. Sustainability,
quality and service are the key to growth, which is what our customers confirmed throughout the show.
Thanks to everyone who visited us this year.
is already registered for FachPack 2016. We hope to see you there!
FachPack 2015
Meeting Point for Packaging Specialists
Events Calendar
February 10-13 , Nuremberg, Germany
Exhibition Center Nuremberg
Hall 5/5-422 as co-exhibitor with Bio4Pack
May 11-12 – New York, USA
Pier 92
March 8 – 10 – Rennes, France
Park Expo, Rennes Aéroport
Hall 4, Stand C70
May 31 – June 10 – Dusseldorf, Germany
Hall 4 D25
AWA International Sleeve Label
Conference & Exhibition 2016
March 3 – 4, Denver USA
April 13-14 – Shanghai, China
Shanghai Exhibition Center
To better respond to market needs, Brian Crescenzo, VP & CFO for Taghleef Inc., and Patrick Desies, CSMO, announced
in July 2015 the appointment of Don Sturgeon to the role of Marketing and Communication Director for the Americas.
Don’s group will focus on promotion, communication, and marketing to end-users. In addition the team is charged with
strengthening the
brand. Other responsibilities of the Marketing and Communication team are to coordinate market
events, manage advertising, and support Sales and business initiatives. Brian and Patrick on creating the new Americas
unit commented, “Our expectation is that the Marketing and
Communication group will serve as a catalyst to extend Taghleef’s
influence and reach.”
The Americas team is growing. In addition to Louella Dixon and
Jordan Mohr, who provide support especially in event coordination
and newmedia formats, new teammembers include Carla Umeroglu
and Jacquelyn Becker.
Carla’s experience supporting the Americas sales and business
organizationswill allowher tomake immediate impactsonmarketing
trend analysis, competition, new products, and pricing. Jacquelyn
Becker is responsible for design, creation, and delivery of marketing
programs as well as copywriting. Jacquelyn’s formal education in
International Relations and Marketing provides a solid background
for her new role.
From left to right: Don Sturgeon, Carla Umeroglu, Jacquelyn Becker
and Patrick Desies.
Americas Marketing
and Communication Team
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