Ti-News n. 14 // July 2015 - page 9

Ti news
South Africa Express
Hub delivers the goods to the
customers’ premises in 1-2 days.
Our largest customers also
benefit from support services
that this convenient hub is able
to offer.
South Africa
Our new
UK Express service covers deliveries in:
24h to 48h to all destinations
24h to the main UK cities
Same day to key customers
Global Reach
All Under Control
A single point of Contact
- a dedicated person responsible at
Taghleef will follow the customers’ account, making sure their
needs are understood and solutions are provided.
Customer Service
- a customer service representative will
provide support on the day-to-day operations and answer
Track & Trace
- real time information available across devices
to track customers’ consignment
Choose your service!
For further information please send an email to
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