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participated as a trade exhibitor at the Australian Industry Group
(Ai Group) Australasian Confectionery and Food industry Technical
Conference – ConTech2015. The event was held at the Melbourne
Cricket Ground and was focussed towards MEETING THE CHALLENGE
confronting the confectionery industry – in the global and local
marketplace, across the supply chain to challenges around innovation,
product development and the need to keep the customer excited.
The program was very informative involving local and international
speakers presenting the latest information on consumer and market
insights, retail trends, new product development, confectionery
ingredient and packaging innovations and processing techniques.
The event was also an excellent networking opportunity and included
representatives from across the whole confectionery supply chain
such as food science technologists, new product developers, sales and
marketing professionals, regulatory and corporate affairs personnel,
business owners and students.
Early this year, between31stMarchand2ndofApril, twomajor events occurred
in the Rhine river valley in Germany. These events were the DERPROSA
Integration Conference and the opening of Taghleef Industries GmbH’s
expanded facilities. To celebrate both events, a delegation of 35 employees
from all geographical regions and all functional areas were welcomed by
Andreas Mueller, Group CSCO.
The DERPROSA integration status received a positive review. All aspects of
the integration are on target and the integration completion steps are clearly
defined. It is “status-quo” for the teams tasked for this project’s fulfilment.
The celebration events concluded on 2nd April with the official opening of the
extended Taghleef Industries GmbH facilities.
On show were the facilities’ 6.500 sqm of warehouse space and 440 sqm
of office space. The expanded capability of Taghleef Industries GmbH will
support the continuing logistical and contractual coordinationwith other units
and product lines. This allows greater support for Taghleef’s other European
Units, the Middle East Units, and the exciting DERPROSA product range.
Asia Pacific
/ Europe
ConTech 2015
Australasia’s Confectionery and Food Industry
Technical Conference
Integration Conference DERPROSA
opening of extended
The logistic team: from left to right: Guido Kunz, Andreas Burg,
Bjoern Arzt, Manfred Serzisko, Frank Nennstiel
Ti GmbH Warehouse
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