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Working Together
to Grow Sales in Bakery
Two years ago, the Taghleef End User & Food Teams targeted the N. American Bakery Market
for the supply of both printed films through our converter partners, and unprinted films sold
directly in the form of narrow slit, small OD rolls. Taghleef decided to start with the largest
snack cake brand, as sales of Little Debbie® snacks represent about a third of the US snack
cake market.
McKee Foods, a privately held family-run company based in Collegedale, Tennessee, USA, has
sold more than 157 billion Little Debbie®
snacks since the brand became available in
stores in 1960. If one was to line up all of
thesesnacks, they would cover a distance
of more than 15.9 million kilometers (9.9
million miles), which would be long enough
to circle the Earth almost 400 times! When
sold in a multipack carton, each of these
snack cakes comes packaged individually
with a clear BOPP overwrap, which ensures
their freshness as well as their availability
for single serve usage.
During initial discussions with McKee, they
required a film that would perform well on
their many lines, as well as a supply chain
that could service their 20+ SKU’s on a “just
in time” basis. Additional requirements
included the qualification of multiple
production locations, with the OPP film
product being offered broadly to the market.
Both cross-functional and multi-regional teams from
have collaborated in working together
as we evaluated and tested the product attributes of several
films from both N. America
and MENA vs. the competitive alternatives. Successful trials were completed at McKee and
Taghleef BCH film was selected.
The teams from N. America and MENA are working together to transfer the BCH product
technology to Dubai, and to enable production & supply from both regions. There is more work
to be done, but the primary supply, ultimately, will be coming from Dubai, as Terre Haute will
move from primary to secondary supply once the program is complete.
Taghleef is looking to grow sales in Food with the work from End User Direct Sales. As the
saying goes,”qu’ils mangent de la brioche”, or let them eat cake!
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