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With an earned reputation of
meeting the highest standards for
quality, consistency and reliability,
Interprint made sure that the product
launch of Premeer® (August 2012)
was controlled and well managed.
Since then, the product line has
been substantially expanded to
incorporate a wide range of
designs, texture, and gloss levels.
Interprint’s Premeer is providing
the furniture industry with an opportunity to enhance the overall appearance of their product
lines, increase the surface durability and expand the range of furniture and cabinet designs.
We, at Taghleef Industries, are proud to be part of the Premeer® program. It has been rewarding
to watch the product line grow along with the employees’
enthusiasm and capabilities. We wholeheartedly agree with
Interprint when they claim “2015 is the Year of Premeer®”.
The Interprint group is one of the leading, worldwide decor printers. De-
corative overlays from Interprint protect and beautify the surfaces of
materials used in many residential and commercial applications, from
office, kitchen and living-room furnishings, to retail store fixtures and
Interprint has 25 production machines and more than 1000 employees
in nine locations Worldwide. Founded in 1969, they are privately owned
and family-managed with world headquarters in Arnsberg, Germany.
Since its 1985 start-up, the US operation has not only enjoyed dramatic
growth, they have also led the way on many new product and process
developments; the most recent of which is their Premeer® line of deco-
rative overlays based on Taghleef’s SynDECOR® films and incorporating
the latest in electron beam technology and coating formulations.
Premeer® has been described as the next-generation in decorative over-
lays, delivering excellent board protection with high fidelity prints in a
product that’s versatile and environmentally safe.
“2015: The Year of Premeer®”
From left to right: John Genzabella, Ron Rodeck,
George Tsangarides, and Frank Williams.
For more information about SynDECOR please contact
Interprint’s building
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