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Dear Customers, Dear Colleagues,
There are lessons to be learnt from the resin shortages
which we were confronted with during the 1st half of
2015 and the wild currency shifts experienced lately.
I wonder now if our industry will engage in sustainable
supply chains options or if spot-pricing will continue to
prevail as the default procurement model.
At Ti, we know BoPP supply is affected by resin availability and the
relationship between currencies will remain volatile. By design, we have
created a network of plants complementary to each other in terms of supplier
base, manufacturing cost and product range.
This year we have been called to put these contingency plans to work.
As a result, we resolved dire situations for our customers. Perhaps this
demonstration of supply chain durability will mark a shift to a more strategic
approach to BoPP purchases. This is what I wish.
Taghleef’s reliability takes its source in our long term relationships with our
suppliers. We encourage the same trusted relationship with customers in
order to maximize responsiveness and mitigate supply chain disruption.
At Taghleef, we continue deploying resources and investments to secure
supply and to provide innovative solutions. We have this long term view that
BoPP is still a very novel material and that its potential is far from being
exhausted provided the complete value chain works together.
Let’s keep setting the pace!
Dr. Detlef Schuhmann
CEO Ti Group
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