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With its state of the art machinery and its focus on efficiently delivering quality
Egypt is equipped to satisfy the demand for lower gauge substrates, a
long term trend which is prevalent especially in the field of Fast Moving Consumer
Goods (FMCG).
If its brand owners seeking to reduce packaging material usage or converters looking
for yield improvement,
can offer solutions to meet these demands. Our TLF
15 with enhanced slip properties has recently succeeded with two customers in a
straw packaging application, where a standard heat sealable film was not giving
satisfactory results.
Besides extending the thickness range of transparent thin films,
Egypt’s portfolio
of metallized BoPP films has also been widened, not only in terms
of thickness but also functionality.
While the standard barrier ZSS 15 replaces more and more 18 and
20µm films in conventional laminates, enhanced barrier films find
a positive market response where increased shelf life is required.
The medium barrier film ZMB 18 and the high barrier ZVB 15
are typically laminated with reverse printed transparent films
for snack food packaging. Both films are suitable for extrusion
ZES 18 and 15 represent the lower end of the ZES thickness range
and offer a wide heat seal range to allow higher packaging speeds.
Supported by a committed technical team,
’s Egyptian
unit strives for further growth with thin packaging films,
complementing the wide product range that
group already
offers in
Egypt’s main markets Europe and Africa.
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