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The feedback that we received fromvisitors to the booth was positive with
the novelties that we presented: QUARTZ ELEGANCE RANGE (White,
Gold SoFT TOUcH and Gloss). This allowed Taghleef to take an important
step to new partners within luxury brands packaging and book printing
industry in China. This range is not limited to the borders of China, but is
also available to companies from all over Asia.
Luxe Pack plays an important role to reinforce DERPROSA™´s brand in
in the Asian region by generating significant brand development and
confidence in DERPROSA’s high quality range of products. The show
was a resounding success.
Following our participation at Luxe Pack Shanghai,
SLU exhibited
its new products in New York, Luxe Pack (A201 Booth) and in Mexico,
Expográfica where
shared the booth with Tecnoempaques y
With a working philosophy based on product development,
SLU proposes to show the world
its innovations through a presence at the industry’s largest trade shows.
In this way, DERPROSA takes its place as a leader in terms of innovation and design in the
luxury packaging sector, which demands the most sophisticated outcomes and perfect results.
Luxe Pack Shanghai
& 16
April 2015)
Luxe Pack New York - Expográfica Mexico
(12-15 May)
/ Europe
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